52 Weeks of the Divine Feminine

All too often reading about a topic isn’t enough. Reading can be enlightening, entertaining, elevating. But how do you integrate what you’ve read into your life?

This is why I, Joy Reichard, author, founder of In Her Name Circles and Perseph52 Weeks of the Divine FEminineone’s Journey, transformational life coach, hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor, recently brought a new ebook into the world, 52 Weeks of the Divine Feminine. This book represents my irrepressible desire to give women (and men) concrete actions to invite the divine feminine into their lives.

I’ve bundled 52 of my favorite essays and added to each an action or meditation to inspire you throughout the year. And it’s only $2.99! You can order my newest ebook, 52 Weeks of the Divine Feminine, TODAY on Amazon.

Here’s the back-of-the-cover blurb:

When a woman embodies the Divine Feminine, she is powerful, vivacious, glowing with attractiveness. But the Divine feminine is a journey, not a destination.

Using the mythology of the Sacred Feminine as models and teaching stories, this book of weekly essays and meditations acts as a guide in healing, transformation and empowerment.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to reclaim your sensual self
  • Methods for ditching negative thinking and claiming your personal power
  • Meditations and affirmations to access goddess archetypes from around the world
  • Powerful exercises to work with your shadow side

This book is for any woman who wants to reach deeper into her feminine side – dark and light – and become whole.

Order 52 Weeks of the Divine Feminine for only $2.99 today.