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The Power of Choice

Do you want more happiness, abundance, or fulfillment in your life?

We all do! Some of us just don’t know how to get it. Instead we get caught up feeling deprived, inadequate, and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Several years back I read a short piece from Susie Orman’s book, Courage to be Rich, which has stayed with me.  She pointed out that there are two ways of viewing something we really want, but feel we can’t have.  Instead of saying, “I can’t afford it,” or “I don’t have the time,” Orman suggests saying, “I’m choosing to apply my resources (time, effort or money) towards something of greater importance.”  The first two statements imply a lack of control over circumstances and resources.  The second affirms that a conscious decision was made on how to allocate resources. Conscious choices are empowering and self-affirming.

Throughout the years it was Orman’s statement on choosing how to apply resources that kept me on track. It’s one of the reasons I was able to buy a condo. I forgo many little wants and pleasures for the larger satisfaction of having my own place. This slight shift in attitude helped me maintain a positive outlook and prevented a precarious slide into feeling deprived and sorry for myself.

In my practice I’ve seen what happens to individuals who get stuck in negative thinking and wallow in feeling sorry for themselves. Some fall into the “victim” role and console themselves with food, impulsive spending, or other self-sabotaging behaviors. In others, the “rebel” might be activated, which can be even more self-destructive.  The rebel doesn’t care about the outcome and acts out of resentment and anger, regardless of the consequences.  Both personality traits prevent us from achieving the deferred, but more satisfying, goals.

So the next time you start to say, “I can’t afford that,” of “I don’t have enough time,” STOP and shift your attitude. Remember that you are in control. You have choices. Empower yourself by making a conscious decision to apply your resources (money, time or effort) towards those things which will bring the most fulfillment and pleasure.

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Does Your Money Story Support a Wealth Mentality?

Do you want more money?

Have you been trying to bring in more money but just can’t seem to make it happen?

Did you know that your money story is tied to your parent’s money story?

 When I realized that my money story was tied to my parent’s, I started to change that story. I was able to change my attitude about money so that I now have more financial comfort and experience greater ease. I can and do bring in enough to meet my needs! This thought changed my life! And it can change your life too.

In the past I had a lot of anxiety around money. Being a solo entrepreneur just heightened that anxiety. I finally realized the connection between my money story and my parent’s.

My father grew up during the depression. As a child he worked like an adult on his family’s farm. They experienced daily insufficiency and financial instability. When he became an adult he rebelled against his poverty mentality and used credit cards excessively. It wasn’t a good thing! Though with age he’s become much smarter about money, his childhood money story wounds still show up today.

My mother was also a child of the depression. When she was four her parents made her give back all her Christmas gifts so her family could pay off their debt. Her childhood taught her that she couldn’t depend on security, or a steady flow of money.

Both my parents suffer from scarcity mentality. There was never enough. We were always shopping for bargains. And we all carry deep-rooted feelings of not being good enough.

When I went into private practice, my dysfunctional money story led me to believe that I needed to offer bargain rates to get clients. I didn’t feel “good enough” to be paid what I was worth. I also experienced a lot of anxiety and fear around money. I’ve come to realize it was my internal dialog of “you’re not good enough”, or “you can’t do it”, or “you’ll never get it right” that was the source of my painful ebbs and flows with clients and income. Though skilled at manifesting, it didn’t always work for me — not because I didn’t know how to work with the principles of positive intention, but because of my inner negative dialog. It was getting in the way of my being able to attract a steady flow of abundance.

I’ve given names to some of these noisy inner voices. Maybe you will recognize them, or begin to give names to some of your own inner voices. I will also share some tips as to how I learned to quiet these voices and cultivate more positive ones.


Everybody loves a bargain, right? The problem is when you start to think of yourself as needing to BE a bargain. This mentality undermines your belief in your own self-worth; especially if you have a caretaking nature. Then you may feel a need to give your services away for free, or below value. This sabotages your abundance.

Enlightened thought

Bargain shoppers are really shopping for value. They want to get what they pay for and more. People will pay for value. You just need to embrace your true value.


Write down all the reasons for which people seek you out in your community. It can be something as simple as having a “compassionate ear.” This has great value because so many have lost the skill to truly listen. You might also tally up how much time and money you spent in acquiring your skills, experience, knowledge and training. You probably have invested a lot more in yourself than you realize.

Then take a look at this list and realize just how valuable you are. This is part of your worth to your community and to your clients. Own it and appreciate yourself. You are of great value! You are worth it!


The constant anxiety around money becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People and potential clients can sense anxiety. It has a repellent quality that deters people and potential clients from finding you.

Enlightened Thoughts

Notice when you have physical symptoms of anxiety. In reality they are warning you that something is out of balance. Forcing your way through fears without respecting your own needs might only exacerbate the situation.


Take several deep breaths and quiet your mind. Then have a dialog with your anxiety and the underlying fear. When you get to the root of your fear, ask yourself if it’s really that bad. What’s the worst that could happen? Could you handle it?

Many times the monster that you don’t know is much more terrifying than the monster you do. Once you recognize what is really going on, then you will know how to deal with it.


She is fueled by fears and self-doubts. She rambles on with negative thoughts such as “I’m not good enough, bright enough, pretty enough.” Or “I’m too fat, too old, too scattered.” ” Or “I don’t have enough.” “I can’t.” “I shouldn’t.”

Enlightened Thought

With so much energy fueling negative thoughts, you don’t have the mental capacity for the positive, creative, and innovative thoughts that create opportunities leading to abundance.


Pay attention to your thoughts so you can recognize your negative thought patterns. Once you can recognize them, then consciously choose to stop giving them so much attention. Switch the channel! Think about something more positive and productive. Remember, you are in charge of your thoughts! You just need to take the reins and get your mind to work for you, and not against you.

Remember: Changing your money story is possible. When you change that story, then you can increase the amount of abundance and prosperity that flows into your life with greater ease and less struggle.

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