I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during this global health crisis. My heart goes out to those of you who are struggling.

I know you have been flooded with advice about staying health from many different Health Care Professionals. I would like to offer you one more perspective which I believe contains nuggets of health care wisdom that can keep you healthy now, and beyond. It is an alternative health perspective from Dr. Lisa Moore, my Network Chiropractor, who has a holistic approach to your health. She sent this out in an email to all her patients. I felt called to pass the information along to you.




“Your immune system is a circulating nervous system and it will work the way it was meant to work if we keep it clear. Again, it isn’t about the germs and microbes in our environment. A healthy immune system knows what to do when confronted with microbial invaders. That is its purpose. It also needs to be challenged. I question the wisdom of running away from contagion. Of trying to make us too clean. Of keeping us isolated from people we love during a time of uncertainly and fear. It’s futile. You can’t run from germs. They are everywhere. This one will eventually take its place alongside the microbes we are already familiar with. It will become part of the library our Innate Intelligence refers to when confronted with contagion.

“If you want to make that encounter a positive one, here are a few ideas to help your body and your immune system be strong and capable of withstanding this new (novel) virus:


  1. “Use this quite time, this pause from our daily lives, to tune into your inner being to see what it wants. Wake up when your body wakes you up, instead of setting an alarm. Go to bed or take a nap when you are tired, not when the clock or a family member tells you to. Eat when you are truly hungry, not when fear or uncertainty send you to the kitchen for comfort food. Forestall those carb cravings by asking yourself if you need some protein, or a hug, or to meditate. Do you need to have a good cry or to tell someone you are afraid, or lonely, or …? Even writing down your feelings helps.


  1. “Instead of giving in to the understandable tendency to eat those comfort foods, now is the time to provide your body with super good nutrition. Eat an extra helping of steamed vegetables, not a cookie. Shop at the farmer’s market every Saturday or Sunday. Our famers are here for us. Get to know them. They give us the fruits of their loving labor at just the right time. Spring time offers us green garlic (which I chop up and put in everything – I wait for this all year!); baby beets and tops for a healthy liver and gallbladder – spring is when the liver and gallbladder rejuvenate to help us cleanse our bodies; vegetable sprouts, full of new life, are here to give us vitality and strength – try the radish sprouts or the wasabi sprouts for some extra zing in salads, on your morning veggie-eggs, or in an occasional whole wheat sandwich wrap. Collect your vegetable scraps and use them to brew a healing, bone broth soup with your leftover chicken bones. After slow-cooking the bones and vegetables, strain them out and start fresh with organic market vegetables like chopped leeks, onions, carrots, peas, green beans, and maybe even some quinoa, and chopped chicken bits.


  1. “Avoid the temptation to sit in front of your phone, tablet, TV, or computer all day. I have unplugged from almost all news. Instead of listening to my favorite news channel from the minute I wake up and then when I get in the car, I have switched to vacuous pop music. Eventually, I may turn to the classical music station, but right now, the pop music invigorates me. On Mix-96 they are trying to play uplifting songs or songs that relate to what we might be feeling. Maybe I’ll even turn off the radio completely and just listen to the silence as I drive.


  1. “On that note, get up off the couch, get dressed, and go for a walk. Many state and county parks are still open. If we abide by the governmental distancing rules and don’t crowd them “too much” they will remain open. (Personally, I think this is nuts. You’re already outside with space and breezes between you. This virus enters our bodies most often by touching a surface and then touching a mucous membrane. Droplets in the air are blown away outdoors, unlike when you are in a crowded room with the windows closed.)


  1. “I always recommend beginning in the springtime to sit out in the sun for as much time as it takes to turn your skin a gentle pink (or just before) and increase your time as the days and months go by (but don’t let your skin burn). Of course, during our hottest months, it’s not possible to do this for very long, if at all, but pick it back up again towards fall so as to store up enough vitamin D for the winter. Flus tend to hit at the time of year when our vitamin D stores have dwindled. Vitamin D is fat soluble so it is possible to store up enough to last you for most of the year. Many doctors I trust believe that the flu is just really a sign of vitamin D deficiency. If you think you are running low, you can add some through supplementation (but sunlight is the best source). Either have your blood levels tested, or I can help you fill in the gaps until the sun returns. This coming week should be great for beginning this process. Let me know if you need ideas for nutritional support for immunity.


  1. “It struck me this morning that because the earth, Gaia, is a living, breathing entity, it is emulating exactly the process our bodies go through when we are toxic or diseased. As a world, we have been drifting more and more to an unhealthy lifestyle. The Standard American diet does not foster health. Many don’t get enough sleep, or have healthy relationships, or spend enough time outdoors. This time of “staying home” is an opportunity to re-set. To re-adopt healthier ways of being. Gaia is forcing us to do that. We are the contagion. We are the microbes on Mother Earth. We have polluted her skies and her water. We have introduced damaging frequencies like cellphone towers, and now 5G. We have over-fished her oceans, and farmed her soil unsustainably, introducing pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals to try to make her produce more than she can – to kill her natural, healthy biome, as we kill our own. She is raising her temperature the way we do when we have a fever. And fevers are healthy (If you get one, talk to me. Taking anti-inflammatories to lower your fever goes against what your body is trying to do – burn up unhealthy microbes. Taking calcium lactate powder from Standard Process will ensure that you come out of the fever in a healthy way. We have a natural mechanism that prevents our body temperature from going too high – in most cases.).


“…If we take care of our bodies and keep them clean, give them the food they need, and avoid introducing pollutants and toxins, surround ourselves with loving friends and family, and nurture our emotional lives, we have the best chance to be happy and healthy.” Dr. Lisa Moore, vibranthealthchiropractic.net


I hope Dr. Lisa Moore’s alternative health perspective has a few nuggets of wisdom that you can integrate into your life, not just for your health and well-being during the Coronavirus, but as a new lifestyle.

For those of you who are struggling during this time with worry, anxiety, depression, etc., please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation and am seeing clients via video conferencing calls.

Sending you and your family and loved ones blessings for peace, well-being, health, happiness, and safety during these challenging and unusual times.

Joy Reichard

When you’re in a high mood, or a great mood, the world seems to be a better place in general. Even though you may get a tear in your sleeve, spill your coffee, or have to deal with a noisy neighbor, when you’re happy these minor daily problems don’t really bother you. Conversely, when you’re feeling dejected or disappointed after some type of loss or breakup, each of life’s minor annoyances only adds to your pain. You find it difficult to look beyond what’s right in front of you and may even find yourself staring at the computer screen, watching the cursor blink, blink, blink….

New research is beginning to show how happiness isn’t just an emotional experience, but an emotion that can actually shape the way you perceive the world.

Your mood can impact your relationship
Your mood, whether low or high, can impact your relationships because it can enhance or distort your feelings towards your partner, your family members, or other people in your life. This is because when you’re in a high mood you tend to feel happier. Thus, your feelings toward your partner or others tends to be more positive. Any differences feel more manageable, or insignificant, or irrelevant.  When in a low mood, however, these same differences can seem insurmountable, painful, and even deal breakers.

When your partner or other people you encounter are in a low mood, you might think you have to understand what’s wrong with them and even try fix it! In reality all you need to do is simply offer support. Moods are constantly swinging back and forth as on a continuum. They are dynamic. Moods can change quickly, or slowly, over time. That’s just how moods work. Unless severely depressed moods are seldom persistent.

Your mood impacts your thoughts and feelings

When we’re in a low mood we tend to have negative, pessimistic, and even fearful thoughts that can lower our self-confidence and increase feelings of in inadequacy. Conversely, when we are in a high mood we tend to have positive, confident, and even joyful thoughts.  Low mood feelings can range from dread to relief.  I.e. “I’m tired and I have to fix dinner tonight,” to “Great! He’s coming home early. I can fix us a nice dinner and then we can relax together.” High mood feelings can range from contentment to euphoria.  I. e. “It’ll be nice to relax with my husband tonight,” to “Yay! It’s Date Night!”

With all these thoughts and feelings fluctuating with your mood, your psychological functioning can also be impacted. When in a low mood your mental activity amps up as you start to ruminate about problems and your dissatisfaction with yourself, your partner, your job, or anything that’s irritating you. Sometimes there is a heightened but distorted sense of immediacy, as if whatever is bugging you has to be taken care of right now. It can’t wait!

It’s not the mood, but how you respond to it, that determines the quality of your life! 

When low, you might feel distressed succumbing to the fear that the mood is real and will last forever. When high you might spend your time worrying when “the other shoe will drop!” Or you might choose a more enlightened response and be grateful when mood is high while attempting to be graceful when it is low!

When low, you might feel distressed succumbing to the fear that the mood is real and will last forever. When high you might spend your time worrying when “the other shoe will drop!” Or you might choose a more enlightened response and be grateful when mood is high while attempting to be graceful when it is low!

Mood Awareness
Paying attention to your mood will help you navigate through your mood shifts. To do this, start noticing how your perspective changes with each shift in your mood. Here are some examples:

  • Gloom and doom – Why is everyone always judging me?
  • All is not right with the world – There are many villains out there.
  • I’m ok. Life’s okay – I feel content.
  • Gratitude – People are well meaning. They are trying to do the best they can.
  • Inspiration – I‘m so lucky to have all these people in my life!

Though none of us like being in a low mood, there are some benefits. Low moods tell us to slow down so we can be more reflective and recover our bearings.  They teach us humility because they help us realize that we don’t know as much as we thought we did. Then, when the low mood ends, we realize how we’ve blown our thoughts and fears way out of proportion. It helps us maintain a better perspective during those times when we are in a funk.

When in a low mood – chill out!

When you notice you are in a low mood, acknowledge it. Then chill out! Your mood colors your perception of reality and can make things go bad, chaotic, or messy very quickly. If you feel grumpy and irritable, try to keep to yourself until your mood shifts, for it will shift. During a low mood don’t become involved in any deep discussions, make any criticisms or judgments, or attempt to make any big decisions, especially with your partner. A low mood will contaminate your thinking and will increase your chances in getting into unproductive and damaging arguments.

How can you tell when you’re in a low mood?

Pay attention to how you’re feeling and to the quality of your thoughts.  When you have painful feelings and your thoughts are full of shame, guilt, regrets, insecurities, and negativity, then you can be certain that you are in a low mood. Your thinking is contaminated.  When you have feelings of well-being and your thoughts are confident and positive, then you’re in a high mood and your thinking is more trustworthy.

What if my partner is in a low mood?

When your partner is in a low mood, don’t criticize or judge them! Or try to fix them! Just let them work through their mood on their own. It will eventually shift. Don’t take what they say or do too personally as their perception is temporarily distorted by their mood.

If they are verbally abusive or disrespectful, wait until their mood has shifted to address it.  Resist temptation to fight with your partner when they are in a low mood. However, when they return to a more balanced mood do let them know how their treatment made you feel and ask that they be more respectful in the future.

Remember, moods can shift from moment to moment. Be patient, considerate, allow your partner to take care of themselves, stay focused on taking care of yourself, and allow the low mood to shift of its own accord.  This will help you maintain a healthier relationship.

If you are having challenges in your relationship and would like some guidance on how to be a healthier partner with better communication skills, then contact Joy for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Call Joy at 415-819-8769 or email Joy today!

I have always been proud that I lived in a country that prided itself on its integrity and human rights policy. Now, with tweets of “Fake News” or alternate facts, of withholding truths, of outright lies especially under oath, of hiding suspicious and possibly illegal financial dealings by those in public office, I find myself questioning the importance of honesty and integrity. For me, this also brings into question our relationships: with our loved ones, our partner, our community, or public leaders, and with ourselves.

Without relationships human experience of life as we know it wouldn’t exist. Our culture is based on cooperation, negotiating, mutual support, and working together. Without relationships our culture would be very different. Even war and conflict involves the experience of relating, or not relating.

Relationships are of course complicated and have many elements – but there is one element that binds relationships together. That fundamental element is trust.

How do you build trust in your relationships – including your relationship with yourself?

Strive to live your life adhering to two values: Honesty and Integrity!

Honesty: Be true to others in all that you do.

I had two very important relationships in the past. They both were not always truthful with me. The mistruths, deceptions, and outright lies, even the little white lies, eventually broke my trust. Once that trust was broken, I couldn’t get it back. At my core I no longer trusted either of those people. Eventually, the lack of trust destroyed both relationships.

What happens, then, when our public leaders withhold truth, lie, engage in suspicious or illegal financial dealings, or consistently make accusations of others misconstruing the truth?

Do we continue to make excuses for them, claiming they have done some good for the country so they are still OK? Do we continue to hope there is at least some truth in what they are saying or doing? Do we turn a blind eye to the suspicious dealings and go about our business? Or do we hold them accountable and keep insisting on the truth?

Integrity: Be true to yourself in all that you do.

Integrity is intertwined with our values. I learned my values from a composite of what my parents taught me, my religious upbringing, and from my education.  They included basic concepts like:

  • All people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Be compassionate to those in need.
  • Be tolerant of differences.
  • Do no harm.
  • People have the right to be free of discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Why are these values so important?
First, the greatest personal achievement, I believe, is to live your life in such a manner that you are happy with who you are. If integrity is absent, can you truly be happy with yourself? Sure, you can pursue pleasure, you can party, have fun, and buy things that bring you enjoyment … but will that bring you a deep sense of self-satisfaction and fulfillment? Without those things – if you engage in lies, indulge your greed and quest for power in ways that are harmful to others – can you actually be happy with yourself?

If honesty is lacking, then you end up having to lie to yourself, or exaggerate the truth, to justify your own actions. When you lie to yourself, you violate your integrity. Without integrity the path to authentic happiness and fulfillment is blocked. There will always be that lingering feeling of guilt or even shame that will put a damper on deep personal self-satisfaction.

If you can’t be honest with the people in your life, you can’t develop long-term meaningful relationships because trust will eventually be eroded. No matter how skilled you are at deception, the truth eventually reveals itself. When it does, trust is lost just like it was with my two relationships. Without trust the relationship decays from within, like a cancer.

This is why I can’t support statements by public leaders that seem to shift with the wind. Why I question the integrity of those who turn a blind eye to questionable financial dealings and shifting “facts.” Why I can’t support closing our borders to refugees escaping the horrors of war or the danger of terrorists and persecution. Why I can’t support billions of dollars being invested in a wall to separate us from our neighbors, when these same neighbors are so desperate for employment they will take our most menial of jobs. Not to mention that this wall will siphon off funds from much needed programs that can help our own children, seniors, and the ill and vulnerable.

If you believe taking a shortcut, sacrificing your integrity, and living out of alignment with basic values will somehow get you more money, success and security or even more fun and pleasure, think again! You’re probably thinking short term. In the long term, violating trust with others or with your self is the surest way to failure.

In addition, remember to never confuse pleasure with happiness … they mean different things and carry different values. Pleasure is a short-term feeling, while happiness is a long-term element of the human experience.

Of course, your values and the meanings you attach to honesty and integrity can be different from mine – but regardless of how you define these values, I strongly urge you to take a serious look at how you apply these values in your life, your business, your relationships, and your responsibility to the world. Short-term results may be deceiving –think about the life you want to create … the person you want to become… and the world you want your grandchildren to inherit.

It might be a quarrelsome in-law or relative that you have to see on a regular basis. Or an intimidating boss that you report to. Or it might be a domineering co-worker who makes too many suggestions about how you should do your job, or a friend who offers way too much advice.

If you are struggling with a toxic relationship, then here information you might find helpful. It was shared in an article that was published last year in Yes Magazine.

When a relationship is causing you stress and suffering,
follow these five steps to find peace for yourself.

1. Accept that you are in a difficult situation, dealing with a very difficult relationship

Your choices here are fairly limited, and, strangely, acceptance is always the best choice. You can judge and criticize the other person, but that will probably make you feel tense and lonely. Alternately, you could nurse your anxiety and despair that you’ll never be able to get along with them, which will make you feel stressed and sad. You can definitely deny their existence or pretend that they aren’t bothering you. You can block their texts and emails, and avoid every situation where they’ll turn up.

These are all tactics of resistance, and they won’t protect you. These tactics will allow the other person to further embed themselves into your psyche.

What does work is to accept that your relationship with them is hard, and also that you are trying to make it less hard. This gentle acceptance does not mean that you are resigned to a life of misery, or that the situation will never get better. Maybe it will—and maybe it won’t. Accepting the reality of a difficult relationship allows us to soften. And this softening will open the door to your own compassion and wisdom.

Trust me: You are going to need those things.

2. The other person will probably tell you that you are the cause of all their bad feelings

This is not true. You are not responsible for their emotions. You never have been, and you never will be. Don’t take responsibility for their suffering; if you do, they will never have the opportunity to take responsibility for themselves.

3. Tell the truth

When you lie (perhaps to avoid upsetting them), you become complicit in the creation and maintenance of their reality, which is poisonous to you. For example, they might ask you if you forgot to invite them to a party. You can easily say yes, that it was a mistake that they didn’t get the Evite, and did they check their spam folder?

But lying is very stressful for human beings, maybe the most stressful thing. Lie detectors detect not lies, but the subconscious stress and fear that lying causes. This will not make the relationship less toxic.

So, instead, tell the truth. Be sure to tell them your truth instead of your judgment, or what you imagine to be true for other people. Don’t say “I didn’t invite you because it would stress Mom out too much to have you there” or “I didn’t invite you because you are a manipulative drama queen who will find some way to make the evening about you.”

Instead, tell them your truth: “When you are in my home, I feel jittery and nervous, and I can’t relax, so I didn’t invite you to the party. I’m sorry that I’ve hurt your feelings.”

It takes courage to tell the truth, because often it makes people angry. But they will probably be mad at you anyway, no matter what you do. They almost certainly won’t like the new, truth-telling you—and that will make them likely to avoid you in the future. This might be a good thing.

4. If you feel angry or afraid, bring your attention to your breath and do not speak (or write) to the person until you feel calm

It’s normal to want to defend yourself, but remember that anger and anxiety weaken you. Trust that soothing yourself is the only effective thing you can do right now. If you need to excuse yourself, go ahead and step out. Even if it is embarrassing or it leaves people hanging.

5. Have mercy

Anne Lamott defines mercy as radical kindness bolstered by forgiveness, and it allows us to alter a communication dynamic, even when we are interacting with someone mired in anger or fear or jealousy. We do this by offering them a gift from our heart. You probably won’t be able to get rid of your negative thoughts about them, and you won’t be able to change them, but you can make an effort to be a loving person. Can you buy them a cup of coffee? Can you hold space for their suffering? Can you send a loving-kindness meditation their way

Forgiveness takes this kindness to a whole new level. I used to think I couldn’t really forgive someone who’d hurt me until they’d asked for forgiveness, preferably in the form of a moving and remorseful apology letter.

But I’ve learned that to heal ourselves we must forgive whether or not we’re asked for forgiveness, and whether or not the person is still hurting us. When we do, we feel happier and more peaceful. This means that you might need to forgive the other person at the end of every day—or, on bad days, every hour. Forgiveness is an ongoing practice, not a one-time deal.

When we find ways to show mercy to even the person who has cost us sleep and love and even our well-being, something miraculous happens. “When we manage a flash of mercy for someone we don’t like, especially a truly awful person, including ourselves,” Anne Lamott writes, “we experience a great spiritual moment, a new point of view that can make us gasp.”

Here’s the real miracle: Our mercy boomerangs back to us. When we show radical kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance—and when we tell the truth in even the most difficult relationship—we start to show ourselves those things. We realize that we can love and forgive and accept even the most terrible aspects of our own being, even if it is only for a moment. We start to show ourselves the truth, and this makes us feel free.

And, in my experience, this makes all we have suffered worth it.

This article was originally published by Greater Good. It was edited for YES! Magazine. 

If you find you are struggling with a toxic relationship then please contact Joy to discover how to have healthier relationships. Call Joy at 415-819-8769 or email Joy today.

Daily each of us is becoming more aware of just how polarized our country has become. Some are applauding our national leaders’ actions; others are horrified and taking a stand by signing petitions, calling State and US Representative, or are out there protesting. Then, however, there are those, many of us, who are just upset, angry, fearful, depressed or anxious on either side of the deep divide that is daily becoming even more polarized.

No matter what side you are on, going into these intense polarized states are harmful for you, your community and our nation because polarizations knocks you off your center interfering with your ability to think clearly, stay emotionally balanced, and to act with wisdom and compassion. All of these low vibrational feelings are feeding the mass collective consciousness with fear, anger, rage and hate. It doesn’t matter what side you are on, the negative vibrations feed into the same mass collective consciousness which has a negative effect on everyone.

All of this has become very personal because I’m feeling all of these emotions and turmoil myself. I’m trying to stay centered, but sometimes, most of the time recently, it’s been very hard. Awhile back a friend shared with me an article from Wall-of-us Weekly Actions on how to stay centered when things get difficult. It was a good reminder for me around what I can do to stay calm and centered inside even when things are chaotic and contentious in the world around me. I thought you might benefit from them too.

I’ve re-worked some of the following suggestions with the intention of making them accessible to both sides of the divide that’s polarizing our nation.  Please read them. They were prepared by a licensed therapist. We all need a little self-care right now. While the world around us may seem unpredictable, you still have the ability to ground yourself by building predictable and safe habits:

1)  Be gentle on yourself. Give yourself breaks from ruminating about the actions of our national leaders and the people’s response to about what’s to come. Sit on the floor with your cat. Lie on the ground and look at the clouds. Or blast some music in your home and dance your butt off. If you don’t have that kind of time, or space, give yourself a minute to think of all your favorite movies, or songs, or the best kisses you’ve ever had. (I personally like this last one. I’ve had some great kissers in my life!)

2) Air your concerns. Talk to like-minded friends about your fears or concerns. Make a pact that whenever something happens on the national platform, or someone says something seemingly insane, you can be each other’s sounding boards. Also make a pact to not escalate into a heated, hate-filled discussion, but to listen and empathize. I am grateful for each of my friends. We have kept each other balanced when our world has gotten too overwhelming for us to handle calmly.

3) Get physical. Walk, run, swim, soccer, skate, or whatever suits you. Get out of your head and into the sensations of your body. As you exert energy, see if you can expel negativity that you are carrying from the latest news. Exercise helps you to release your endorphins which are your “be happy” hormones.

4) Use mindfulness techniques. Sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Slowly take in a deep breath, hold it, and then exhale very slowly. Try to relax your shoulders and muscles as you do this. Close your eyes and notice the thoughts, feelings, images, and bodily sensations that emerge. If you notice that your mind wanders, name what it’s wandered to (shopping list, to do list, etc.), then see if you can redirect your focus back to your breath. Allow any emotions (joy, sadness, fear, excitement, for example) to be present without judgment. Let the feelings move through you. Return to your breath.

5) Be grateful. Every day talk to a friend or write down something(s) for which you are grateful. Being grateful is a way of owning your power. No one, not even our national leaders, or parents, or friends, or colleagues, or an angry populace, can take that away.

6) Pray to your higher power and to the guides and masters who are working with our national leaders. Ask that our leaders be blessed with the wisdom, discernment, compassion, and insight to make the best decisions that will serve the highest good and be of the greatest benefit and joy for our nation, the people, humanity, and our great mother, the Earth.

I wish you balance, centering, discernment, inner peace, love and compassion as you walk your journey on this earth plane during these turbulent times.

If you are having difficulty staying centered, positive, and hopeful, then call Joy for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Learn how Joy can help you maintain balance, clarity, and a positive attitude so you can be the most effective YOU possible, even during challenging times. Call 415-819-8769 or email Joy today!

Mother Mary, the Queen of Heaven and the Divine Mother, has been with me this last month as we approach the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2017. On this day, in the Pagan tradition, the world celebrates the birth of the Divine Child. Just four days later, on Christmas,the birth of Jesus, the Christed One, is celebrated.

Debates and discussions about the nature of Mother Mary have raged on for 2000 years until in 1965 when a Catholic Council called the Vatican II demoted Mary to little more than a Nazarene housewife, a country woman, a human vessel that served as the gestating container for a divine seed, and little more.  Yet in the hearts of the people, as she has been depicted in art throughout the ages, there has been a longing to connect Mother Mary with the Great Mother whose compassion and mercy comforts, supports, and nurtures those who seek her out. 

Mother Mary has filled the void of the Mother Goddess that I believe is central to our human collective unconscious.  Since Paleolithic times, humans have honored the Great Mother. Within 500 years after the Divine birth of Jesus, as the cults of Isis, Cybele, Artemis and Diana dwindled along with the Roman Empire,the ancient goddess temples were rededicated to Mother Mary.  Even the imagery of the older goddesses was passed on to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Christed One.

In addition, 21,000 visitations of Mother Mary have been cited in the last thousand years, including the visitation of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531. These visitations of the Blessed Mother strongly support the need for the Sacred Feminine principle that lives on in our collective psyche.

The importance of Mary is more than her stature, her part in history, or religion, or culture. It has to do with our personal relationship with Her as the Divine Mother – the ‘knowing’ experience of Her compassion, mercy and grace. It is a felt experience that can’t be expressed with language or logic. Her image as Queen of Heaven and as the Great Mother Goddess archetype endures because it continues to persist in our collective human unconscious. 

The Great Mother has, and will continue to, prevail.  She has survived 5000 years of patriarchy and 4000 years of the worship of the monotheistic male god.  She will survive because, as a Divine symbol of the Feminine, She is part of the balance of nature. Nature always settles back to its equilibrium. 

The fulcrum under patriarchy pitched far to the right.  It is now floating back to center as the Divine Feminine principle is re-claiming Her rightful place beside the Divine Masculine principle.

The Great Mother is present in the image of Mary, the Mother of the Divine Child who brought Christ Consciousness to aid humanity in its evolution.

I was inspired to gift you with a “Love and Light Visualization with Mother Mary” which I created a few years ago in honor of her. You will find the link below.

May this visualization with Mother Mary surround you with love, light, and peace. Click HERE to download.

In honor of the Divine Mother, I am leading a Circle honoring Mother Mary as the Return of the Mother Goddess. It will be held on Wed December 19, 2018 – read more HERE.

If you want help connecting to the Divine Feminine, please contact me for a 30-minute complementary consultation. I would love to help you live a happier more purposeful life.  Please contact me today by emailing me at joy@joyreichard.com or calling 415-819-8769.

At one time in my life I was going through a really difficult time. Then I realized that it was my toxic attitude that was polluting everything I touched. If I wanted a better life, I knew I had to change my attitude. And I did!

Synchronistically, once I changed my attitude my whole life took a turn for the better. I manifested a new reality for myself just by changing my thoughts. And you can do that too!

We humans are only using about 10% of our cranial capacity. What’s the rest of our brain doing? It’s believed that the remaining 90% of our brain contains our telepathic and even our latent psychic abilities. If you are a cynic, just know that “magic is only science that we don’t understand yet.” A hundred years ago talking on a little hand-held box to someone thousands of miles away would have appeared “magical.” Today it’s commonplace.

In addition, some people are born with psychic abilities. Edgar Casey is just one well publicized case. Scientists are trying to explain how psychic abilities work. But, just because we can’t scientifically explain something doesn’t make it untrue.

I assert, therefore, that most humans have some form of telepathic or psychic abilities. Haven’t you been thinking of something and your partner verbalized what you were thinking? Or have you ever had a gut feeling that something was wrong, but ignored your hunch only to have something unpleasant happen? This has happened to most of us. These are our undeveloped telepathic or psychic abilities in action. We all have them; most of us just haven’t developed them.

When we have negative or depressive thoughts, not only is our body language expressing what’s going on inside, but the energy we radiate from our body is also full of electromagnetic energy. It’s part of our telepathic abilities. This can influence our reality by attracting more unpleasant experiences to us, while repelling positive ones. Have you noticed that when you’re in a bad mood, that the mood seems to linger; things just don’t go well all day.

On the converse, have you woken up in a great mood and find that the whole day goes smoothly with things easily falling into place? This energy is even contagious. When you encounter someone in a good mood, or bad mood, their energy can “rub off on you”.

A similar thing happens with worry.  The more you worry, the more you can influence the very things you are worrying about to manifest. Even if the worst doesn’t happen, you’ve spent all that valuable time worrying and fretting when you could have put your time and energy into creating something of value. In addition, when you stay positive your mind is more resilient and open to possibilities. You’re able to engage in more creative and problem-solving activities than when you are steeped in worry.

Have you noticed that during a crisis that some people collapse emotionally and physically, while others move into action to help those in need. Many people with nagging depressive thoughts and worry are already feeling hopeless. They are at capacity. Just one more thing can push them over the edge. Others, who have a more positive solution-oriented attitude, are often more resilient and can galvanize into action. They are able to affect their reality in positive ways, even when the worst happens. Your attitude and thoughts can influence your reality.

You can be victim or manifestor. Who do you want to be?

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As children we buy into the beliefs of our parents. Sometimes those beliefs can be real downers such as: “Life never promised you a rose garden,” or “You only get ahead from hard work and effort,” or “I’m always waiting for the other shoe to fall,” or “Bad things always happen to us.”

In my family the belief was the “hard work and effort” litany of good German stock immigrants. Sure enough, a large part of my life has been hard work and effort, not because the validity of that belief, but because I bought into that belief.

I had a revelation several years ago that “life’s lessons can be learned with ease and grace.” I’ve been reflecting on that thought and, slowly, it has been integrating into my belief system. The result? … My life has gotten easier and more joyful.

Last week I wrote about accessing your Inner Wisdom. By allowing space in your life for quiet moments you gain access to the more reflective and wiser part of your mind. In our fast-paced, results-oriented society you may think you are getting a lot done. You could be even more innovative and productive, however, if you gave yourself permission to rest more and reflect. Then you could have more “revelations.”

Revelations are messages from your Inner Wisdom, which is directly connected to the highest source of consciousness in the universe. Some might call this consciousness Higher Power, God, Goddess, the Divine, The All That Is. The Divine communicates to us through our Inner Wisdom, which is also sometimes called the Higher Self or the Wise Mind.

One way you can actively engage your Inner Wisdom is to stop and take a step back when you are faced with a challenging situation. Then you can view the situation from a larger perspective. Going through two divorces and raising two sons (who, though awesome men now of whom I’m very proud, were more than a bit of a hand full as teenagers) was tough!  At that time, life was pretty miserable.  I thought life was nothing but drama, pain, and struggle.

Eventually, I was able to step back and view my life from the bigger picture. What I saw was not a wretched dead-beat drama-queen, but a woman who faced many difficult challenges, including her own vulnerabilities and character flaws, from which she learned invaluable life lessons. That was a time of huge personal and spiritual growth for me. Now, I not only draw on my training, education and skills when I work with my clients, or mentor women in my group work, but I also have a vast storehouse of life experience and understanding from which to tap into. My life was not just a miserable existence; it was my training ground preparing me for my life’s work.

You actively engage your Inner Wisdom when you step back from any situation and ask, “What can I learn from this situation?” or “What good thing can come out of this situation?”

I’ve come to realize that we didn’t incarnate to play in the “Rose Garden.” We came here to learn some pretty important lessons during our embodied walk upon this earth-plane.  You can learn those lessons with a lot more ease and grace, however, if you take time to stop and rest. Give yourself some quiet time to reflect and allow your Inner Wisdom to come through. This will enable you to step back and ask the serious questions of “Why is this happening?” Be honest with yourself as you search within for the answers.  Then you can reap the reward – the gold nugget – the lessons you can learn from your experience.

Look for my article next month on “Accessing Your Inner Wisdom Part Three” in which I will share on how your emotions are a big part of your inner wisdom and should be given more weight when making important decisions.

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Life for us humans on planet earth is becoming ever increasingly stressful. Many of my clients complain of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. They complain that at work they are expected to do more with less frequently meaning longer hours, more work, the lack of adequate supervisors, challenging co-workers or subordinates, and the resulting feelings of overwhelm.  This stress is amplified with the worries of maintaining a lifestyle that is becoming ever more expensive. Just turning on the news in an attempt stay up with the latest from Washington, let alone the world, adds to this stress load. In addition, our individual stress impacts the quality of our personal relationships compounding the overwhelm and anxiety we are already experiencing in our lives.

We are a stressed-out society, and stress is a killer.  Stress eats up our limited resources spiritually, emotionally and mentally, as well as wearing down our physical body.

Stress is the silent virus. Its symptoms mirror real physical and emotional ailments.  Physically it shows up as digestive issues (irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux), fatigue, or headaches. Mentally it reveals itself as forgetfulness, poor concentration and focus, confusion, and negative thinking. Emotionally it manifests as lack of enthusiasm, motivation, and irritability. Apathy, burn-out, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are spiritual symptoms of stress. Stress can intrude on our relationships in the form of nagging, bickering, blaming and intolerance.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Stress makes coping with normal daily activates increasingly difficult. There are several things you can do, however, to cope with stress.

1. Schedule time daily for some extra self-care – a soothing bath, reading just for pleasure, a walk – especially when it is sunny out, a cup of tea while gazing out the window thinking of absolutely nothing.

Here is a recipe from Dr. Lisa Moore, my Network Chiropractor and aromatherapy instructor.

• 6 drops lavender (Lavender angustifolia)
• 2 drops clary sage (salvia sclareaI)
• Dim the lights, light a candle, and soak in this soothing bath while taking deep relaxing breaths. You can add some relaxing music if you like.

2. Schedule something pleasurable each week – a hike in nature, a trip to the ocean, a massage, an afternoon just for you, or a special outing with a friend or a special someone.

3. When stress starts to build take a few minutes to relax. Relaxation can help you release, re-focus, and renew. One simple relaxation exercise that I share with my clients is:

• Close your eyes and imagine you are in a beautiful spot – the ocean, redwood forest, a beautiful mountain meadow
• Take three deep breaths, exhaling slowly
• Count backwards from 10 to 1 while imagining you are sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation
• Relax all of your muscles
• Relax your mind
• Then visualize being in that beautiful spot, breathe in the fresh air, absorbing the serenity and peace around you
• Then when you are ready count yourself back from 1 to 5

(Click HERE for the audio file of this simple relaxation for your enjoyment.)

Take a few minutes and try this on you own or to listen to this visualization! You can do this simple relaxation exercise in just 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards you will feel more relaxed, you will have greater clarity and focus, and you will have an increased ability to cope with whatever comes your way.

If you are experiencing symptoms of physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and/or relational stress and need help finding relief, then please contact me and come in for a complementary 30 minute phone consultation to find out how you can cultivate more peace and calm in your life.  415-819-8769 or email joy@joyreichard.com.

Last week I shared with you that I had discovered that my negative money story came from my parents who had acquired a scarcity mentality from growing up during the depression. Since then, I have come to realize that my fears and anxiety about money were the result of my own negative internal dialog that said things like: “you’re not good enough”, or “you can’t do it”, or “you’ll never get it right.” This was the source of the painful ebbs and flows I experienced with my finances and interfered with my manifesting skills. From my work with my clients, I know that many of you probably have the same inner voices, or ones that are unique to you and your family.

I’ve given names to some of my noisy inner voices. Last week I introduced you to Bargain Bettie, Anxious Annie, and Negative Nettie. Maybe you recognized them. Today I’m going to share with you three new voices that have obstructed the flow of money into my life. They are Meek Mellie, Frazzled Franny, and Worried Wilma. I will also share some tips as to how I learned to quiet these voices and cultivate more positive ones. If you have different “voices” you might try to identify them and come up with your own enlightened thoughts and remedies.

Meek Mellie
This is a really hard archetype for a lot of women because most women don’t acknowledge their own value. Generally women are raised to be compliant, helpful, and supportive. They are afraid to be ‘pushy’. Therefore it’s challenging for them to ‘ask for the business’, or to get their needs met, or even to defend their justified boundaries. In reality, these women are often not ‘pushy’ enough. My mother was a bright capable leader but always deferred to men because she thought they were inherently smarter, wiser and more competent; which is not always the case!

Enlightened thought: If you are seeking business, remember to present the benefits and the results your clients will get from the service or product you provide. Come from the authentic place of wanting to help improve someone’s life, business, or environment in some way – or to offer support or a service with voice of authority. You will find that your clients will respond. And remember that you have value, you are smart and competent, and you have a right to have your say and to defend your boundaries.

Remedy: Find a group that can help you overcome your insecurities about speaking up. Most communities have networking opportunities, leads groups and Toast Masters. Practice makes perfect! Know you will mess up – and that’s OK. There are lots of people wherever you are and most probably won’t remember you anyway. Practicing in front of a mirror is a good way to begin developing more confidence in speaking up.

Frazzled Franny
This archetype operates under the belief that “more is better”. She generally has lots of ideas, but no focus. She believes that hard work and struggle are the only ways to make money. Therefore she can become overwhelmed, or paralyzed, or tend to waste time chasing down unnecessary worm holes. Most of this is not her fault, but is the result of wearing too many hats. Most women survive by multitasking the various responsibilities of being mother, wife, and homemaker while also balancing a job, aging parents, their children’s activities, and trying to have some kind of a life of their own.

Enlightened Thought: Hopefully, Frazzled Frannie will learn that spreading herself too thin and/or taking on too many responsibilities is counterproductive. It leads to fatigue, irritability, loss of focus, and burn-out. This archetype needs to learn to simplify and focus on the priorities, one of which is her own self-care!

Remedy: Pick 2-5 main priorities for the year and stick to them. If something comes up that is not in one of those areas, then refer it out – don’t get scattered. By staying focused you can do what you do WELL!

Worried Wilma
This Archetype tends to lives in the future and is always catastrophizing; she is always worried about what will happen IF …

She is only trying to keep you safe by alerting you to potential dangers – but she ends up erecting so many roadblocks that it becomes almost impossible to move forward. This constant worrying and feeling stuck is a time and energy suck!

In reality, the archetypes from last week and this are trying to help in some way:

Bargain Betty – wants to save money.

Frazzled Franny – thinks that if you rush can maybe get everything done.

Meek Mellie, Anxious Annie, Negative Nettie, and Worried Wilma –  are just trying to keep you safe from embarrassing or dangerous situations.

They need to be forgiven because they are simply younger, more vulnerable, parts of you that haven’t realized that you have become so much bigger, wiser, more informed and competent than you felt when you created these inner personas earlier in your life.

Once you’ve identified the archetypes that are obstructing the flow of money and success and forgiven them, then you can focus on creating your positive archetype, the Money Diva, who allows you to succeed.

The Money Diva believes in herself and knows her worth.  She radiates confidence and knows the value of what she has to offer. Living with integrity, she is in service to the greater good and doesn’t sell herself or her services short.

Sanaya Roman, in her book Creating Money, says your beliefs create your reality. She goes on to say that beliefs are assumptions about the nature of reality because you create what you believe. You will always find proof for whatever it is you believe: I.e. If a person believes the universe is abundant, they will act as if the universe is abundant and they will attract abundance. If they believe money comes with hard work and struggle, making money will be hard. If they believe they can’t hold onto money, then money will appear to slip through their fingers. We will have whatever experience that proves what we believe.

Therefore, if we change what we believe, we can change what we experience. We can co-create our reality.