Client Testimonials

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I saw joy for a medical condition that I was desperate to fix. I was a bit unsure about hypnotherapy, but fully willing to try. I searched for a few weeks, and then I found Joy. I felt an immediate connection with her. She truly is a joy! I explained to her why I was there and my uneasiness, she listened and found a treatment plan for me. It has been 3 weeks since my last visit and I have to say I am 100% better!

I cannot thank her enough for what she has done to help me! It has been such a pleasure having her be my hypnotherapist, the energy she gives off is so inviting and assuring, I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of trying hypnotherapy. Five stars all the way—Chelsea

Joy’s support and caring helped my 18 year old daughter complete her senior year of high school with a deeper appreciation for her own innate strengths. My daughter was lucky to have Joy’s perspective to transform a time when she didn’t want to go to school into an opportunity to learn more about herself and find ways to express parts of herself outside of academics to find balance and support that helped my daughter land the perfect summer job. I highly recommend Joy to anyone who feels stuck and wants to live a fuller more authentic life.—Holly

We are so lucky to have a therapist practicing this kind of work here in the San Mateo area. I recently came to see Joy and the therapeutic meditations we did together really made a difference in my psyche. The bonus was that she gave me a CD of our session that I could listen to again, to continue to get a “tune up.” Do not overlook this powerful therapy to overcome whatever you are going through.

“Joy is a practiced therapist with a terrific “bed side” manner, so you feel totally safe and able to work on your stuff. Go see her!—Maurine

Joy is an amazing healer, she has helped me thru some major obstacles in my life. I feel like I am finally on track with my career and personal life and Joy had a big part in how this has played out for me. Thanks Joy !—Dr. S.J.

How I love Joy! I can’t tell you how much this woman has helped me. I came to see Joy for some help with Grief and letting go of some painfull stuff in my life. Let me tell you, I felt as though a huge heavy weight was lifted off of my chest. I litterly felt “lighter” after leaving my sessions with Joy. She can help you too with quitting smoking, losing wieght, trauma, grief, loss, etc. I especially encourage men who are too proud to go to a therapist for help with stress, anxiety, or depression to try at least one session with Joy. I promise she will make you feel safe and secure. She is just such a lovely woman and a beautiful spirit!—Mimi

I was on a mission to breakthrough this part of myself that I could never get to to address. Battling this major project of chronic illness, it forces you to be proactive to, “clean house”. I am a longtime recipiant- (near to 30 years) of therapy. I am a big fan, but could never get to this important element. Fear or the inability to touch into it with my professionals was a predominant factor. Joy, Joy, Joy… my goodness not only intuitive professional, amazingly together yet loving as one could ever wish for. In the sessions we have had, I have been able to surpass all of the traditional therapy I have invested in – (mind you a different element in tt). I am truly amazing how I was able to go without fear or doubt. Generally I am sceptically optimistic with alternative therapies. Joy is a gentle master of her craft. She completes all of my extra high expectations about process, her professionalism and one who can take our work and treat me tenderly and with respect. She does all of this with pureness and very well. I feel, a life was saved and a woman is emerging. Thank you Joy, thank you Joy. Worth for you to make sometime to take care of you and have your life lifted and well, freed by discovery and gentle change and letting it go—Shawna

Joy’s work is very individualized and though I felt I was coming in with a typical “run of the mill” problem, her approach was tailored to me and my personality, and she readily leveraged tools that appeared to work better with me and disregarded tools that might be better for others. I felt totally heard and understood and no sense of judgement on her part.

In the course of prodding me to go deeper into my own life experience, we were able to more clearly see how certain behaviors and thought processes may have been useful at a time, even if they were less useful (perhaps even detrimental) now. In short, it felt as if we were able to “unhook” these associations and create room for something different. It’s really transformative work.—Sheilah

This morning I feel re-energized in my committment and determination. Joy was able to work with my individual plan for weight loss, and strategically pull out very important information from me in a very thorough interview. Plus, she sent me home with a recording of my imagery session so I can listen to it everyday to reinforce the positive changes and work towards what I want! …Also, Joy is highly intuitive and has an uncanny ability to pull together a plan of action using my past success and current ideas! Very excited to work with her!—Jennifer

It is so difficult to put into words how much Joy has helped me. She is unusually compassionate and intuitively talented. I have dabbled in getting help from alternative healthcare practitioners for the past 20 years with no real results to help me with terrible chronic dental pain. Joy is the first person to give me real help! I an eternally grateful.—Zora

Joy is a great listener and has helped me see that I am NOT my weight! We have discovered and uncovered issues that have been built up over the years. We hold our sessions via Skype and I recommend this method of guided visualization to anyone who has an issue with getting to her San Mateo office. Everything that Joy does in the field of getting positive change in people is worth the time, the effort and the cost to have her assistance. Take her up on the offer of the consultation. You’ll look back and be very glad you did!—Terri

I’ve had wonderful results with Joy Reichard and Transformative Hypnotherapy. From our first session we were able to accomplish something positive and meaningful. Her methods are very effective and understandable, and Joy is sensitive and gentle, and a pleasure to work with. I’ve accomplished more with Joy in a 4 sessions and learned more about myself than I thought possible. I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. Her methods work! I am totally happy with Joy and highly recommend her.—Bruce

Joy is a highly creative yet practical hypnotherapist. In a very short time through a series of sessions focusing on different issues, she helped me in making a potentially stressful transition from former employee into a thriving private practice! She has a highly developed skill to key into an individual’s feeling and needs, works creatively with the client to combine them into potent, personalized suggestions, then effectively weaves them into a relaxed and receptive subconscious mind with her wonderful voice and word images. Our sessions have helped me stay calm, focused , and optimistic. I love the fact I can review each session by re-listening to the CD she makes at each appointment. Besides her extensive experience and training, I would say Joy has both a ‘gift’ and a ‘calling’ to help individuals make positive and permanent changes in their lives. If you feel anxious or ‘stuck’ and don’t know why or what to do about it, I would recommend consulting with her to see how she can help.”—Jim

Joy is amazing! I got better, faster results working with her for a few months then I did in years of therapy. I felt completely comfortable with her. She records the hypnotherapy sessions on CDs for you so you can reinforce your new patterns at home. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a positive change.”—Tania

Joy is an expert in her field. She has the ability to gently draw from you the answers to your own problem. We usually know deep down what it is that could help us. We often do not see the solution clearly nor know how to bring the answers to the surface. Just think about how easy it is to give others advice but difficult to help ourselves. Through Joys expert hypnotherapy she is able to communicate our own ideas and solutions to our inner self. These ideas are woven into a beautiful story for our inner self to remember. This is process is relaxed and gives a person the feeling of empowerment through positive intention. I have worked with Joy on several occasions and truly find her work with me to create positive shifts in my life.”—Mary Jo

Joy helped me through some really hard times and led me through a healing process much needed since childhood. Because of Joy, when new challenges come along, I am ready, willing and capable to grow past them and learn from them.”—Lyndean

Plain and simple: Joy is amazing. Her professionalism, tenderness and openness allow for a truly life-altering experience. I was introduced to the benefits of hypnotherapy through Joy and have been singing her praises ever since. She is a warm and compassionate healer.”—Craig

I love Joy! I saw her for the first time in early 2007 to get help leaving a troubled relationship. She created such a safe space for me to truly let go of all my feelings, and transformed my words into sessions that allowed me to finally do the hard work on myself that I couldn’t find the strength to do otherwise. I was finally able to let go of that relationship and move on. Since then she has helped me in other areas of my life that have needed attention. I know who I will turn to again, if I ever feel “stuck” in some aspect of my life that needs to change. I am a more grounded, secure and confident spirit since doing this work through her. Joy is very compassionate, kind and open. Her energy is amazing. I am grateful for people like her that provides such an important service!”—Anne

Joy is a wonderful practitioner. She is intuitive, smart and very sweet. I’ve said this to many people about her hypnotherapy: that sometimes you can go to counseling and talk about issues until you are blue in the face, but sometimes you need something more, something deeper. Joy has helped me with both physical and emotional ailments. Each time i see her she takes me to amazing places and has helped me heal from very traumatic events, has given me strength to complete my goals and has taught me how to center myself when things get hectic. If you are at a crossroads and need to make a change, Joy is the person to see.”—Mia