Creating Sacred Circle

Women love to gather with their friends and have done so since ancient times. Women are relational beings. That means that our relationships are important to us, especially the relationships we have with our circle sisters!

A women’s circle is a gathering of women who sit in a circle and meet on a regular basis to discuss shared concerns and to offer support and encouragement.

Greet old friends and make new ones
Relationships are important for women, and circles provide a natural way for women to gather and create a safe place to greet old friends and make new ones.  In circle women find the confidence to speak freely from the heart and know that they will be heard, if not always agreed with.

Opportunities for personal and collective growth

Group discussions generate new ideas and facilitate new ways of looking at old concerns. Women like to share their stories and experiences, as well as hear others share their experience and wisdom. Time devoted to silent process provides comfortable quiet moments while circle members reflect and sometimes wrestle with personal concerns.  Many times lost dreams are remembered, goals are affirmed, issues are resolved, or insights are materialized.  Circles create a safe place where women can develop close bonds with other women and feel supported.

Opportunities for transpersonal and spiritual growth 

A sacred circle is a gathering of women who wish to explore, express and deepen their understanding of spirituality. It differs from a support circle in that, while support and personal relationships do develop, the participants don’t concentrate their focus on personalities and their personal concerns, but instead focus on broader transpersonal and archetypal themes that affect people’s lives and the world.  These circles also offer women an opportunity to create sacred space in which to do ritual and ceremony.

Honoring the Divine Feminine and the divine spark within 

During sacred women’s circles we explore, define, and honor the feminine principle, explore broader issues of importance to ourselves and humanity, and celebrate the divine spark within each one of us and the Divine Feminine.  We learn about the wisdom of the different goddesses and holy women and how we can apply it to our lives today.

Learning and insights
Learning about the Divine Feminine provides us with insights, expanded awareness, and appreciation of what it means to be female.  This knowledge facilitates our personal growth as we learn to value our own divine nature within.  It teaches us how to have more functional relationships, to be present with our feelings, to honor our bodies and ourselves, to honor women’s life cycles, to live according to our personal values, and to find the strength and motivation to pursue our dreams and goals.  Sharing ritual and ceremony helps build community and strengthens our sisterhood with those who share a love for the Divine Feminine and all that is sacred.

Please join us

During sacred women’s circles women learn about the different goddess archetypes that can inform our lives, relationships, aspirations and goals.  We also share our life experiences, offer support, and deepen our connection with our circle sisters.  Members have an opportunity to experience the Divine Feminine during guided visualizations and to participate in rituals designed to help members internalize and make sacred their circle experience.  The time we share together is enjoyable, gratifying, and uplifting.

If you want to join a sacred women’s circle and live near San Mateo or in the Sacramento area then you are in luck because there is a sacred women’s circle nearby (see below). If you don’t live nearby, but want to create one in your community, then you can order a short book on how to create a sacred circle of your own.

Click here for more information on a sacred women’s circle in the Sacramento Area called “Circle with the Divine Feminine.”

Click here for more information on a sacred women’s circle in the San Mateo Area called “In Her Name Circle.”
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