We live in a results-oriented society. And though technology should make us more efficient, and free up our time, why do we seem to wind up with less time and more work? More and more I hear from clients that work is hectic. The demands are oppressive. They barely find time to say “hi” to each other at the water cooler.

The result – Relationships are suffering!

There is a cost to sacrificing relationships for results.

The classic book on female management style, The Female Advantage, Women’s Ways of Leadership by Sally Helgesen, supports the theory that women are relational. When time is taken to nurture relationships, which Frances Hesselbein focused on which led to the success of the Girl Scouts, employees are happier, cooperate better, and performance actually increases.

I have a friend whose skill was going into failing companies and turning them around. He did it by building relationships and encouraging and empowering his subordinates to make decisions. Rather than holing up in the management suite, waiting for problems to work their way up the chain of command, he spent his time on the floor, interacting with all levels of the organization. He made himself available and encouraged suggestions – and saw that many were implemented.

It was easy to turn the companies around, he said. He just treated people like he wanted to be treated.

I had a client who was ready to quit her job because of the demeaning and inconsiderate treatment by her supervisor. The HR director, a woman, intervened. Guess what was decided? The supervisor was encouraged to recognize that her behavior was inappropriate. She apologized! Then both were asked to work on their relationship and communication skills. The solution was relational!

This makes me think of the culture within the Goddess Civilizations of Old Europe. Social life revolved around feminine values of cooperation, caring for each other, and sharing the workload as well as resources. The focus was on nurturing relationships and being more compassionate and understanding. Survival – and success – depended on everyone working together.

We have made tremendous advancements since the Neolithic era, however many of these ancient and timeless values have been forgotten or ignored. We can transform our places of work by taking time to nurture relationships, by cooperating rather than being competitive, by caring about the people we work with, by being kind rather than trying to take co-workers down, or getting back at them for some slight, by encouraging each other to be the best we can be, and by helping out and sharing the load. We spend so much of our time at work that we each can, and should, do more to make our work environments a pleasant place to be.

We are in a time when the world is on a precipice. Will it tilt into chaos and self-destruct? Or will people come together, nurture relationships, do their fair share, and be more compassionate and understanding, thus bringing hope and solutions to our many challenges?

We each have a choice. We can be part of the problem, or choose to be part of the solution. We don’t need to wait for someone else to change. We can be part of the transformation… perhaps even lead the change.

If you feel called to be part of the solution, and possibly be the catalyst in your own place of work or community, then you might be curious about my upcoming program that starts October 1, 2016 – Awakening to Spiritual Consciousness; a Sacred Intensive for Emerging Women.


Daylong Dates: Oct 1 and Dec 3, 2016
from 10 to 5:30 pm
Webinar dates: 5:30 to 7:30 pm
on 10/11, 10/25, 11/8 and 11/22, 2016
Location: Three Ravens Mystery School,
440 Haight Street, San Francisco
During this time of collective upheaval and change our feminine values and wisdom are needed now more than ever. You can do your part to bring more compassion, understanding, and peace to your place of work, your community, and the world. Are you feeling the call?

If so then join me and other spiritual seekers to:
  • Learn how the Divine Feminine has been paving the way for 5D Consciousness for over 5000 years.
  • Receive guidance for personal healing and growth so that you can cultivate more joy and peace in your life.
  • Learn tools for self-care so you can appreciate and honor yourself and value your worth.
  • Discover how you can live with more love and compassion in your heart so that you can let go of the divisiveness of judgment and competitiveness.
  • Gain tools for working on the inner planes to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.
  • Enhance your connection with your Higher Self and Guides for Divine Guidance.
  • Find sisterhood with other women who are also on their spiritual journey.
For more info go HERE
Or email me with your questions so we can schedule a time to talk.


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