It’s with deep sadness that I am announcing that our last In Her Name Circle will be held on:



Friday, September 28, 2018
6:45 to 9:00PM
Unitarian Universalist Congregation
300 East Santa Inez
San Mateo, CA 94401

     When the Goddess came into my life, She came in full force. I found healing, empowerment, and wonderment in the wisdom of the Goddess, as well as a call to perform service in Her name. She inspired me to start a Goddess Circle which later evolved into the In Her Name Circle. For over twelve years I have shared the wisdom of the Goddess and have helped many women develop their own connection with the Divine Feminine. Some of these beautiful women have joined their hearts with mine in serving the Goddess and sharing Her with the larger community.
      Our February circle marked our ten year anniversary. We have had a wonderful ten years! Leading the In Her Name Circles has been an amazing gift for all of us. We have met many wonderful women, and in the process have deepened our own connection with the Divine Feminine. It has been our pleasure and our honor to be able to share both the Divine Feminine and many wonderful women speakers to an amazing group of women. 
     The Goddess teaches us that, as the moon cycles, so all things have their cycles. This includes the In Her Name Circle. Those of us who have been putting on the circles are being called to serve the Divine Feminine in other ways. It is with deep sadness, yet realizing that this circle has fulfilled its purpose, we are ending the In Her Name Circle.
     Our final circle on Friday, September 28th, will be a chance for all of us to celebrate the life of OUR Circle and the Divine Feminine. We hope you will all come and celebrate with us. I am percolating ideas about what is next. I may complete several books that I have in process and/or I may teach some online classes based on the workshops I developed for Persephone’s Journey: A Wisdom School for Awakening Women.
     For those of you who wish to continue your connection with the Divine Feminine, PLEASE, PLEASE, STAY IN TOUCH BY EMAILING ME WITH A REQUEST TO BE ADDED TO MY MAILING LIST. I will be releasing my ownership of the Celebrate the Divine Feminine Meetup in October 2018 so my communications through meetup will cease.
     I now live in the Sacramento area and hold a monthly Unite with the Divine Feminine circle in the Fair Oaks. You can find out more information HERE. I would love to have you visit us.     For all of who have been touched by the Goddess in these circles, I ask that you continue to seek Her out and share Her wisdom with others. For you are all daughters of the Goddess. She is within and without. As you reach out to Her, She reaches out to you.Namaste.

Joy Reichard

Contact: Joy Reichard  M.A. call 415-819-8769 or email me