FAQs about Joy’s Healing Sanctuary

I have been trained as both a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Alchemical Hypnotherapist. I use a variety of techniques from my training to help my clients transform and live the amazing and joyful life they deserve to live.

Guided Visualiztions: A benefit of working with me is that I create customized and personalized guided visualization that are recoded during our sessions together. These visualizations contain new, positive, and life affirming thoughts and beliefs about the ideal life my clients want to live.

By guiding my clients into a relaxed state I am able to communicate the new content directly to their subconscious. The new information virtually tapes over and/or replaces the old beliefs that no longer serve them and may actually be keeping them stuck in unhappiness, fear, and/or mediocrity. Many have expressed feeling more relaxed, focused, calm and centered after experiencing one of my guided visiualizations.

Regressions and Reflective Therapy: I create a sacred container of safety and compassion when I use both regression therapy and reflective therapy. I use these techniques as a means to help my clients revisit past experiences and memories for the purpose of gaining new insight, healing old wounds, connecting with the inner child, and, when necessary, helping my clients learn to parent themselves.

Connecting with the inner child helps my clients to experience compassion and love for their wounded or magical child. Inner parenting enables clients to experience the love, guidance and adoration they might have missed from their own parents. Both of these techniques helps clients learn how to soothe themselves, feel more self-contained, and less needy and obsessive in their current relationships.

Subpersonality:  We all play a series of different roles in our lives – Mother, father, employee, supervisor, child, etc. In an attempt to preserve the Self (the whole person) some sub-personalities can become misguided and overly dominant and begin to impair rather than contribute to healthy adult behavior.  I help my clients identify, enlighten and bring into balance dominant misguided sub-personalities that are interfering with healthy functioning such as: the rebel, the victim, the damsel in distress, the wounded or magical child, the Judge or Inner Critic, and many others.

I also help my clients recognize and strengthen sub-personalities that can help them reclaim their inner power, strength, discernment and confidence such as: the warrior or warrioress, Queen or King, The scientist, the Knight, and many others. Sub-personality work can be a powerful, yet safe and even a delightful and enjoyable way to bring the Self back into balance.

Soul Realm Work: Sometimes clients have been deeply traumatized and are wounded at the soul level. Sometimes this requires a journey to the Temple of Souls for a special healing with their guides, soul family and other beings of light.

Other clients have a unhealthy attachment to people in their lives. This could be due to an emotional and difficult relationship break up, or possibly due to childhood abuse. In this instance we might do a “de-cording” at the soul level to help them energetically disconnect from the person that is triggering them. This results in a reduction of the emotional attachment so they can settle into a calmer more normal way of interaction.

Soul Retrieval: Other times trauma or abuse causes a part of the soul to flee for safety. In this instance, clients may feel as if a part of them is missing. Together we do a journey to locate and retrieve the soul so we can re-integrate the missing part back into the Self. Clients report feeling more whole, complete and calmer after doing this kind of work.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy techniques such as these are safe, non-invasive, and gentle, but can be a powerful results oriented approach that helps my clients heal from past wounds and embrace their future so they can feel empowered, more confident and ready to accept the joyful life they deserve to live.