Healing the Divine Masculine

The unexpected happens when it’s most unexpected!

Recently, I was stunned when the “Healing the Divine Masculine” card came up THREE TIMES while doing readings from the Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild. This happened on a recent retreat with eight dear Sisters who support me with the In Her Name Circles that I lead in San Mateo. That was 3 out of 9 times. That’s no coincidence. It was a definite statement from the universe to PAY ATTENTION!

I have spent thirteen years working with women for empowerment and the healing of the feminine wounds that result from living in a patriarchal culture. I’ve never discounted the Divine Masculine, or the males in our cultures, because I realize that men have their own wounds. My focus, however, has been on the Divine Feminine. Why then, I wondered, was I being directed to focus on healing the wounds of the Divine Masculine?

Both genders carry within them what our culture defines as masculine and feminine qualities. The masculine qualities, or masculine energy, helps with discernment, protection, healing, and that sense of being safe and secure in any situation. When the inner masculine is strong, we have confidence, feel secure about who we are, and are able to take action with strength and conviction.

The inner masculine and Inner feminine have a symbiotic relationship. When they are in balance within us we are healthy and complete human beings. We appreciate who we are and can live with relative peace and harmony, allowing our creativity and joy to flow. We can stand in our convictions, speak our truth, and live authentic lives.

When the inner masculine is damaged or wounded we have difficulty showing up as our true selves. We may be reluctant to bring our gifts out into the world. Instead, we may conform to someone else’s (or society’s) accepted standards by bowing to the status quo rather than living to our full potential. This can leave us feeling disempowered, fearful, insecure, and plagued with self-doubt. Or if people don’t see our point of view, we might try to control or dominate them, or manipulate them to our way of thinking.

The inner feminine is sensual and filled with the essence of life and vitality. She enjoys the pleasures of life through her senses. She feels her emotions, and relationships are a priority. She is creative, expressive, receptive, nurturing, and nourishing. She embodies the Earth, the Great Mother, Gaia.

Under patriarchy the Feminine, and the honoring of the Feminine, was pushed underground. In our time the Feminine is blossoming once more. She is returning to help humankind reclaim heart-centered living – to have more love and greater compassion.

The inner feminine needs a healthy inner masculine for discernment and protection. One who can create a sense of security and safety so the inner feminine can freely express her true nature. Without a strong inner masculine the inner feminine can become too caring, too compassionate, too giving. Then the woman can become co-dependent, easily burnt-out, manipulative, or passive aggressive. If the inner-masculine becomes too strong, then she can become controlling, domineering, or abrasively aggressive.

Balance is what is needed between the two. This has often been referred to as the Sacred Marriage. When this sacred union is achieved then we can be sensual and loving and live true to who we authentically are. We can then have the strength, discernment and conviction to bring our gifts out to serve ourselves, others, and the world.
It is time to let go of viewing the Masculine energy as violent, aggressive, unfeeling, controlling, or as the perpetrator or dominating. It is time to stop playing the victim to masculine energy, or experiencing the Masculine with disappointment or dissatisfaction. It is time to avoid castrating the Masculine by the disempowering view that he is weak, useless, or unnecessary.
It is time to relate to both the feminine and the masculine energy in a totally new way. It is time for healing.
Women can help in the healing of the Divine Masculine by beginning to envision masculine energy differently. New masculine energy is beginning to flow into our consciousness. We women can help accelerate this shift of consciousness by altering how we choose to relate to the inner masculine, as well as the outer masculine. We can change the paradigm by envisioning the inner masculine as tender, protective, strong, discerning, and as holding a stabilizing energy.
You might wonder what this would look life. Alana Fairchild says:

[We would have] more of a willingness to be kind to ourselves, to honor our feelings and to not be bullied into stepping away from our truths by others or even by our own self-doubt or self-criticism. It is an inner commitment to love and honor the Self and an inner trust in this commitment. So when the feeling arises to try something new creatively or spiritually, for example, there is trust that this will be respected and acted upon, and it is!

As we change our paradigm of the masculine, it creates openings for the men in our lives to step into a new reality, one in which they can show up as tender, protective, strong, discerning, and holding that stabilizing force that we women need.

When a man is able to hold the reality of the New Masculine, then the woman feels safe and securely held so that she can be sensually, lovingly, and creatively expressive. This requires honor and respect of both without judgment. It’s about allowing each to be the best of who they are, while respecting boundaries, limitations, personal interests and passions, and each person’s personal growth as they walk their path on this earth plane.

It is an exciting new reality that we are being encouraged to create. I hope you will join me in Healing the Divine Masculine.

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