Living a Joyful Life

A three month personalized journey of transformation
to living a more joyful life .

Do you have a gnawing feeling that your life could be so much more?

Are you trapped in a straight jacket of  worries and fears and just can’t seem to break free?

Have you had years of therapy but still feel triggered by the same old emotional stuff?

Does this sound like you?
It was me about 14 years ago. And I am here to tell you that living a meaningful, fulfilling life is your birthright. I discovered how to change my life for the better and you can too!  Working with me in a program personalized designed exclusively for you, I help you to break through your limiting beliefs, tap into your core strengths, and connect with your inner brilliance (and yes, you have it!).

Change doesn’t have to take years
I have a unique approach that helps you to work through your core issues and release the emotional triggers in a more concentrated and faster way than traditional talk therapy. With talk therapy you stay in the conscious mind. However, all your experiences, emotional pain, habits and troubling behaviors reside in your subconscious. Trained as a hypnotherapist, I can help you access those deep seeded issues and concerns to help you release them for good. The process generally just takes 3 to 12 sessions!

 Live a More Joyful Life is designed to support those select individuals who want to start joyfully living to their full potential TODAY!


  • Gain clarity on your direction and goals.
  •  Radiate confidence in your abilities
  •  Live your passion and create money
  •  Experience more joy and happiness
  • Feel and BE more in charge of your life
  • Experience accomplishment and success with your chosen profession
  • Have healthier relationships

Examples of what you can focus on

  • Your deservingness of all the universe can offer
  • Healing from grief and loss
  • Gaining clarity on your life’s purpose and getting on that path
  • Reducing anxiety and worry and experiencing happiness for longer periods of time
  • Living a better lifestyle and cultivating healthier habits
  • Enhancing performance at work, socially or academically
  • Increasing inspiration and  motivation to accomplish goals with greater ease
  • Greater discernment and better decisions

Program Features

  • 2 hour intensive to clarify goals and intentions for our work together
  • In-depth questionnaire to ascertain where you are in your life, what is or isn’t working and what you need to change in order to live your potential
  • 8 transformative coaching/counseling sessions up to 75 minutes in length.   (2 the first month in addition to the 2 hour intensive, and 3 for each successive month.)
  • A customized program to assist you in meeting your goals and living your potential
  • One Reiki session for establishing inner harmony, chi and chakra balancing, and aura clearing
  • Crisis access to Joy (unlimited emails and 3 15-minute crisis phone calls)
  • Customized guided visualizations

Call now for a complementary 30-minute consultation to see how the Live a More Joyful Life Program can help you get the achieve the life you deserve. Cal Joy at 415-819-8769 or Email Joy TODAY!