Relationship challenges 
Our need to connect, to feel loved, appreciated and respected are very basic.  Yet many of us experience trouble and feel alone, even when we are in relationships.  We may feel rejected, disappointed, or misunderstood.  Some of us have co-dependent tendencies in which we feel a need to control, to fix the feelings of other people, or to caretake others until we are depleted.  Sometimes we don’t know how to express our needs, or negotiate for our rights, or how to fight fair.  At other time things may be going good and from out of the blue we pick a fight as if we are deliberately trying to sabotage the relationship. And when relationships end, sometimes it is hard to let go, to say good bye and to allow for the separation to take place. The thought of being alone can fill us with panic.

Hypnotherapy can help
With hypnotherapy you can gain a better sense of self as well as your needs so that you can feel more connected to others without losing yourself.  You can learn how to balance your needs with those of others.  And you can learn how to express your anger, needs and desires in more direct and appropriate ways.  As you reinforce these skills you will notice that the relationships that are important to you will improve. The ones that are unhealthy will begin to fade away as you seek more joy, fulfillment and contentment in your life.

Hypnotherapy can help with the following relationship issues:

  • Broken hearts
  • Separation and divorce
  • Co-dependency
  • Finding love relationship
  • Grief and loss