Weight Loss

Attaining Weight Mastery

A personalized weight loss program designed to address your specific challenges.

  • Do you want to lose weight but can’t find the will power?
  • Are you frustrated and bored with dieting?
  • Do you lose weight only to gain it back?
  • Is your weight affecting your self-esteem?
  • Are you eating from boredom, to comfort loneliness or for other reasons that aren’t working for you?

Considerable attention is being focused on obesity in the U.S. Fully two-thirds of American adults are overweight. Fat children are becoming commonplace. And 25% of our pets are pudgy. Are you concerned about your weight?

Excess weight significantly increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and cancer—to name only a few conditions. The total tab for obesity-related illnesses was $117 billion in 2004. It’s no surprise that in a recent Time/ABC News poll, 58% of respondents said they wanted to lose weight.

I have trained at three accredited schools of hypnotherapy in weight loss and have synthesized the best information and techniques into my comprehensive Attaining Weight Mastery program.

Program Details
Together, you and I develop your new relationship with food. During each hypnotherapy session, I reinforce behavioral changes by helping you harness the power of your mind to amplify your commitment to weight loss and a life of healthier choices. You learn valuable tools that help you sustain life-style changes that lead to weight mastery.

Included in each session is a customized guided visualization CD to use in between sessions. In addition, I provide simple instructions in self-hypnosis, a powerful tool for change you can use any time you wish.

A typical 10 week program might look like this:

  • Session #1 – An in-depth interview and assessment to gain clarity around your weight issues. You learn the psychology of weight control and how the mind works, including:
  • Session #2 – Keys to weight mastery
  • Session #3 – Identifying unhealthy eating patterns and developing healthy alternatives
  • Session #4 – Developing and reinforcing a pleasurable exercise routine. Self-hypnosis training.
  • Session #5 – Energizing your metabolism
  • Session #6 – Stress reduction and how stress impacts your weight and health
  • Session #7 – Improving your self-esteem
  • Session #8 – Reclaiming your body—and your power
  • Session #9+ – Identifying and clearing the underlying causes for weight challenges and overeating
  • The limitation of logic when changing a habit
  • The importance of imagery and emotion when changing behaviors

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