Could times be even more chaotic?

The Coronavirus has the entire world worried. Italy has quarantined millions. The Grand Princess with it 3500 exposed and 21 ill occupants is restricted from landing as officials fear a spread of the virus. People over 60 are being advised avoid crowded places. People are starting to wear masks creating a shortage for health professionals. My girlfriend who had to fly back East to a funeral went armed with hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes and would have taken a mask if she could have gotten her hands on one. People are worried and anxious.

On top of this worry each of us is becoming even more aware of just how polarized and political our country has become. Some are applauding our national leaders; others are horrified and concerned on what they perceive as their ineptness. Many of us are simply upset, angry, fearful, depressed, anxious and confused. It doesn’t matter on which side of the deep divide we are on.  We are all struggling stay centered and grounded.

No matter what side you are on, going into these intense emotional states of fear, anger, anxiety, etc., are harmful for you. Stress eats up your limited resources spiritually, emotionally and mentally, as well as wearing down your physical body. In addition your community and our nation are affected because all of these low vibrational feelings are feeding the mass collective consciousness of fear, anger, rage and hate. It doesn’t matter what side you are on, or what you are fearful of, the negative vibrations feed into the same mass collective consciousness which has a negative effect on everyone.

All of this has become very personal because I’m feeling all of these emotions and inner turmoil myself. I’m trying to stay centered and calm, but sometimes it’s been really difficult when everything seems chaotic and contentious.

Here are some tips that I’ve compiled from various sources that help me to stay grounded. I hope that you might also find them helpful when the world around you seems unpredictable. Even during turbulent times you always have the choice to “lose it,” or to use your tools and knowledge to stay calm and grounded.

1)  Be kind to yourself: Give yourself breaks from worrying about the actions of our national leaders or the “health” of the nation. Sit on the floor with your cat. Go for a walk and appreciate the nature around you. Turn up the music, kick up your heels, and dance. Read a good book. If you don’t have that kind of time, or space, give yourself a minute to think about something that makes you smile – your grandchild, a pet, a favorite movie, a song, or the best kisses you’ve ever had. (I personally like this last one. I’ve had some great kissers in my life!)

2) Air your concerns: Talk with a friend who has similar fears or concerns. Avoid complaining but express your emotions and how you are feeling. Make a pact that whenever you hear something on the news, or someone says something seemingly insane, you can be each other’s sounding boards. Or better yet, maybe take a break from the news altogether. Make a pact to avoid heated discussions, but to listen and empathize. I am grateful for each of my friends. We have kept each other balanced when our world has gotten too overwhelming for us to handle calmly.

3) Move: Walk, run, swim, soccer, skate, or whatever suits you. Get out of your head and into the sensations of your body. Being active helps you to burn off the stress hormones and to release your endorphins that help you stay happy and positive.

4) Mindfulness and meditation: Sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Slowly take in a deep breath, hold it, and then exhale very slowly. Try to relax your shoulders and muscles as you do this. Close your eyes and notice the thoughts, feelings, images, and bodily sensations that emerge. If you notice that your mind wanders, name what it’s wandered to (shopping list, to do list, etc.), then see if you can redirect your focus back to your breath. Allow any emotions (joy, sadness, fear, excitement, for example) to be present without judgment. Let the feelings move through you. Return to your breath. Do this for a couple of minutes to start and then increase to 10, 15 or even 20 minutes a day. This practice will help you find your way to greater states of inner peace.

5) Be grateful: Every day talk to a friend or write down something(s) for which you are grateful. Being grateful is a way of owning your power. No one, not even our national leaders, or parents, or friends, or colleagues, or an angry populace, can take that away. I like to walk in the mornings and just say thank you for everything I see. There is so much beauty in the world It’s amazing how just saying your gratitudes can lift your spirits.

6) Pray to your higher power and to the guides and masters who are working with our national leaders and health professional. Ask them to be blessed with the wisdom, discernment, compassion, and insight so they can make the best decisions that will serve the highest good and be of the greatest benefit and joy for our nation, the people, humanity, and our great mother, the Earth. Prayer is effective. Studies have proven that people who are prayed for heal faster than those who are not prayed for.

I wish you balance, centering, discernment, inner peace, love, and compassion as you walk your journey on this earth plane during these chaotic times.

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