Do you feel the wildness within?

… The energy of the wild woman that cries to be unleashed? Then you must also know that wild women need their sisters.

There is a vastness to us. We are mystical – sometimes even mysterious. We are rich and vibrant and full of passion and purpose. In fact, we surge with it. It rises up in us — an all-consuming fire — and we burn with deep knowing, profound understanding, and a message to live in whatever way we see fit.

If you have been called, you know it now!

You are emerging.
Your divinity — your soul — is ready to be embodied. You are asked to become a living goddess, embracing the authority and immortality that comes with soul-full living.


We are fierce.
We have proven that we have what it takes to overcome great hardship. We have proven that our hearts can withstand our darkest days and still blaze the trail forward. We have conceived of the goddess within us. We are pregnant with the lights of our own being.


We are quickening.
Oh, can you feel it? Can you feel what is about to be born? The new year ushers in the beginnings of labor, and it is time to call our sisters to us. We must gather now. We must draw each other near. We all need midwives. We all need doulas.


We all need the songs of angels and the prayerful medicines of wise women in our midst. We are birthing a new world.

A sister circle is not a luxury. It is essential to our emotional and spiritual health.


Our culture pits women against each other because women of shared intent are dangerous to oppressive masculine systems. But we are wiser than that.

We know our own power, and when we create a circuit of energy with other loving and conscious women, we magnify the nurturing, the healing, the grace, the freedom, the creativity and the love our lives stand for.

Have you been yearning for a sister circle as much as I have?

If so, then I invite you to join one or both of the sister circles I’m offering each one of you.

Claiming Your Divine Feminine Power

Online course for women who want to heal & transform
themselves & the planet with Spirit

PLUS, WEBINAR INCLUDES automatic enrollment in our
daylong feminine power gathering,

Answering the Sacred Call

For more info click HERE 


In Her Name Circles

A sacred women’s circle that honors the Feminine Divine within and all around us

Click HERE for more information and the schedule of upcoming Circles.

Adapted from an article by Rebelle Society: Creatively Maladjusted