I have a big decision to make. Can I do so with making no mistakes? I’m right in the midst of the dilemma of which


choice to make. Either choice has a positive or potentially negative outcome. Neither choice is perfect. So I sit on the fence wavering, “Which choice should I make?”  While wavering, my mind makes its way back to some of the “poor” choices I’ve made in the past. You know – the MISTAKES!

How many of you have had this experience of trying to make a decision? How annoying it is to have “poor” choices from the past invade your thought processes creating further confusion and indecisiveness!

Or maybe you’ve had the experience of going about your normal routine when a memory, or little video clips (I call them bloopers), of past mistakes floats uninvited into your consciousness. Then all of a sudden you’re pulled into a low mood with feelings of regret, or even shame. You might even begin to feel that you’re flawed, that everything you do is not good enough, or you might begin to beat yourself up for every mistake you’ve made. Now it’s even harder for you to make a decision!

You might even begin to doubt your ability to make “good” decisions. Does this ever happen to you? It happens to me too, and to many others.

We live in a culture that’s focused on production and results. Mistakes are often viewed as failure, or wasted time, or wasted resources. Mistakes are viewed as poor choices that we need to feel shame about, even punished for.

What if you lived your life as if there were no mistakes, only choices – in your personal life, in your relationships, and in your business, or on your job?

What if you changed your perspective and realized that every day you are simply faced with choices. What if you viewed each choice as an opportunity to learn something that will contribute to your growth and evolution as a conscious being? Some choices will bring immediate gratification infused with feelings of achievement and success from which you can learn and replicate. Others will create challenges that catalyze opportunities for personal growth. Each choice creates the prospect of providing something of value that can be applied to future decisions.

This thought was revolutionary for me. A friend and colleague, Joie, once said to me, “You’ve made all the right choices, whether you’ve felt secure about them, or not.”  What a reassuring thought! When I think back, every choice I’ve made, even the challenging ones, were huge learning and growth opportunities for me.  They’ve made me who I am today!

no mistakes

What if every choice you made was viewed from the perspective of: How did this worked well for me? Is this something I can, or should, replicate? Should I do this differently in the future? What can I learn from this? Then there would be no judgment, no criticism – only opportunities to learn something of great value.

I think I am going to try this new perspective for 30 days and see if I can rid myself of the regrets and shame when I make a decision that might not be perfect. I like the perspective of viewing every “choice” as an opportunity to learn. Want to join me? Now I feel a bit better about the decision I have to make!

If you are struggling with choices and decisions and can’t see your way through the dilemma, or if you are carrying the burden of shame, guilt, or regret and it’s sucking the joy out of your life,  then give me a call TODAY for a 30-minute complimentary consultation. You deserve to be living a satisfying and joyful life. Email Joy or call her at 415-819-8769.