More Testimonials for Joy Reichard

Joy is a woman of wisdom, with a genuine, caring, loving Spirit. I truly never thought that I needed a therapist. But life made the move for me to find Joy. I allowed her to be my guide in opening awareness to the issues of which I was not at all aware. So much it helped me to see what she saw that I needed to put in perspective. Joy’s wisdom and spiritual counseling are deeply valuable. It is a journey to find a positive light within. The secret to a true, inner and real transformation therapy with Joy, is, to be open and honest with oneself so that she can help you break the barriers within and live your true life-purpose.” —By Nicole L – Recommended on July 11, 2016

Joy is very special. She has a lot of tools to work with, but something beyond technique is going. When I am in a session with her it feels like something alchemical is going on that is specific to me. I always leave feeling more whole. ” —By Joie S – Recommended on May 01, 2016

Joy is a gifted healer and intuitive. She brings joy, light, and clarity to her work, and therefore to her clients.”—By Pierce B – Recommended on April 08, 2016

Joy is great! I wish I had found her sooner.”—By Agnes L – Recommended on April 08, 2016

Love your posts! Very relevant and informative and so helpful!”—By Carmen H – Recommended on April 03, 2016

Joy is a fantastic hypnotherapist, with deep experience and a lovely “bedside” manner.”—By Kirsten W – Recommended on March 29, 2016

Joy is genuine and comforting. Funds spent on time with Joy pay off! ”—By Pat N – Recommended on March 29, 2016

Joy knows her stuff!”—By Deborah W – Recommended on March 29, 2016

Working with Joy has really helped me deal more gracefully with my grief and anger at the suicide of my late husband. She helped me deal with issues regarding his illness and his being unable to deal with it. Also my own issues with chronic health issues.”—By Penne W – Recommended on March 28, 2016

Joy is a very knowledgeable person. She instructs her students in a manner that they can understand the content. I, also, enjoyed the hands on experience with the Reiki One Class. Her newsletters are very informative. She presents great ideas in her newsletters.”—By Cindy C Recommended on March 24, 2016