I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during this global health crisis. My heart goes out to those of you who are struggling.

I know you have been flooded with advice about staying health from many different Health Care Professionals. I would like to offer you one more perspective which I believe contains nuggets of health care wisdom that can keep you healthy now, and beyond. It is an alternative health perspective from Dr. Lisa Moore, my Network Chiropractor, who has a holistic approach to your health. She sent this out in an email to all her patients. I felt called to pass the information along to you.




“Your immune system is a circulating nervous system and it will work the way it was meant to work if we keep it clear. Again, it isn’t about the germs and microbes in our environment. A healthy immune system knows what to do when confronted with microbial invaders. That is its purpose. It also needs to be challenged. I question the wisdom of running away from contagion. Of trying to make us too clean. Of keeping us isolated from people we love during a time of uncertainly and fear. It’s futile. You can’t run from germs. They are everywhere. This one will eventually take its place alongside the microbes we are already familiar with. It will become part of the library our Innate Intelligence refers to when confronted with contagion.

“If you want to make that encounter a positive one, here are a few ideas to help your body and your immune system be strong and capable of withstanding this new (novel) virus:


  1. “Use this quite time, this pause from our daily lives, to tune into your inner being to see what it wants. Wake up when your body wakes you up, instead of setting an alarm. Go to bed or take a nap when you are tired, not when the clock or a family member tells you to. Eat when you are truly hungry, not when fear or uncertainty send you to the kitchen for comfort food. Forestall those carb cravings by asking yourself if you need some protein, or a hug, or to meditate. Do you need to have a good cry or to tell someone you are afraid, or lonely, or …? Even writing down your feelings helps.


  1. “Instead of giving in to the understandable tendency to eat those comfort foods, now is the time to provide your body with super good nutrition. Eat an extra helping of steamed vegetables, not a cookie. Shop at the farmer’s market every Saturday or Sunday. Our famers are here for us. Get to know them. They give us the fruits of their loving labor at just the right time. Spring time offers us green garlic (which I chop up and put in everything – I wait for this all year!); baby beets and tops for a healthy liver and gallbladder – spring is when the liver and gallbladder rejuvenate to help us cleanse our bodies; vegetable sprouts, full of new life, are here to give us vitality and strength – try the radish sprouts or the wasabi sprouts for some extra zing in salads, on your morning veggie-eggs, or in an occasional whole wheat sandwich wrap. Collect your vegetable scraps and use them to brew a healing, bone broth soup with your leftover chicken bones. After slow-cooking the bones and vegetables, strain them out and start fresh with organic market vegetables like chopped leeks, onions, carrots, peas, green beans, and maybe even some quinoa, and chopped chicken bits.


  1. “Avoid the temptation to sit in front of your phone, tablet, TV, or computer all day. I have unplugged from almost all news. Instead of listening to my favorite news channel from the minute I wake up and then when I get in the car, I have switched to vacuous pop music. Eventually, I may turn to the classical music station, but right now, the pop music invigorates me. On Mix-96 they are trying to play uplifting songs or songs that relate to what we might be feeling. Maybe I’ll even turn off the radio completely and just listen to the silence as I drive.


  1. “On that note, get up off the couch, get dressed, and go for a walk. Many state and county parks are still open. If we abide by the governmental distancing rules and don’t crowd them “too much” they will remain open. (Personally, I think this is nuts. You’re already outside with space and breezes between you. This virus enters our bodies most often by touching a surface and then touching a mucous membrane. Droplets in the air are blown away outdoors, unlike when you are in a crowded room with the windows closed.)


  1. “I always recommend beginning in the springtime to sit out in the sun for as much time as it takes to turn your skin a gentle pink (or just before) and increase your time as the days and months go by (but don’t let your skin burn). Of course, during our hottest months, it’s not possible to do this for very long, if at all, but pick it back up again towards fall so as to store up enough vitamin D for the winter. Flus tend to hit at the time of year when our vitamin D stores have dwindled. Vitamin D is fat soluble so it is possible to store up enough to last you for most of the year. Many doctors I trust believe that the flu is just really a sign of vitamin D deficiency. If you think you are running low, you can add some through supplementation (but sunlight is the best source). Either have your blood levels tested, or I can help you fill in the gaps until the sun returns. This coming week should be great for beginning this process. Let me know if you need ideas for nutritional support for immunity.


  1. “It struck me this morning that because the earth, Gaia, is a living, breathing entity, it is emulating exactly the process our bodies go through when we are toxic or diseased. As a world, we have been drifting more and more to an unhealthy lifestyle. The Standard American diet does not foster health. Many don’t get enough sleep, or have healthy relationships, or spend enough time outdoors. This time of “staying home” is an opportunity to re-set. To re-adopt healthier ways of being. Gaia is forcing us to do that. We are the contagion. We are the microbes on Mother Earth. We have polluted her skies and her water. We have introduced damaging frequencies like cellphone towers, and now 5G. We have over-fished her oceans, and farmed her soil unsustainably, introducing pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals to try to make her produce more than she can – to kill her natural, healthy biome, as we kill our own. She is raising her temperature the way we do when we have a fever. And fevers are healthy (If you get one, talk to me. Taking anti-inflammatories to lower your fever goes against what your body is trying to do – burn up unhealthy microbes. Taking calcium lactate powder from Standard Process will ensure that you come out of the fever in a healthy way. We have a natural mechanism that prevents our body temperature from going too high – in most cases.).


“…If we take care of our bodies and keep them clean, give them the food they need, and avoid introducing pollutants and toxins, surround ourselves with loving friends and family, and nurture our emotional lives, we have the best chance to be happy and healthy.” Dr. Lisa Moore, vibranthealthchiropractic.net


I hope Dr. Lisa Moore’s alternative health perspective has a few nuggets of wisdom that you can integrate into your life, not just for your health and well-being during the Coronavirus, but as a new lifestyle.

For those of you who are struggling during this time with worry, anxiety, depression, etc., please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation and am seeing clients via video conferencing calls.

Sending you and your family and loved ones blessings for peace, well-being, health, happiness, and safety during these challenging and unusual times.

Joy Reichard


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