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She was a gift from the universe!

I really enjoyed my work with Joy. She was a gift from the universe! She is very intuitive, wise, kind and a superb hypnotherapist. Each session was profound with both healing of the past and opening up new avenues to my future. I am glad I met her and you will be too!

Mary T.

Joy has been extremely helpful to me.

Joy has been extremely helpful to me. I had become stuck and frustrated in two major areas of my life and after just a few sessions with Joy, I had some major breakthroughs. She is a thoughtful and compassionate listener and her guided visualization/hypnotherapy has led me to a new level of confidence and sureness in facing challenges that have plagued me for years. I feel like a huge weight has come off my shoulders.

Sally W.

It made a real difference!

I have worked with Joy on and off for 10 years in her private practice. In June, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and she helped me prepare for my surgeries (and post healing) through talking, reiki and precious stones. It made a real difference! She is a wonderful listener, very insightful, caring and gives great hugs.

Hilary S.

Joy is “the Real Deal”

I have been working with Joy for the past several months. The incredible support, wisdom, directness, and love she provides is life-changing. I am grateful and inspired now! My reasons for seeking help were even deeper than the struggles, confusion, and conflicts in my life at the time.
From the moment I contacted Joy, she has shown prompt consideration, openness, and a higher spiritual wisdom that is so rare and precious these days….She has an incredible presence, an extraordinary light, an amazing worldly and spiritual wisdom, and varied healing modalities. Joy is “the Real Deal” – an exceptional healer with all the depth, complexity, and creativity befitting a ‘master’ in her class.

Nicole L.

She’s truly helped change my life.

Three months ago I was anxious, sad, alone, scared and not hopeful of the future. Today I can say that I feel confident, I feel hopeful, I have faith, I feel strong and at ease. And I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Joy! I have struggled with anxiety and self-love for many, many years now and I can honestly say that my work with Joy has been the most effective out of all the people I’ve seen and things I’ve tried (and I have tried a lot!) I’m SO grateful to have found her. She’s truly helped change my life. Thank you Joy!!!!!!

Gennett S.

I felt safe and cared for in her presence.

I needed something more than just talk therapy, and I wanted a spiritual approach to my healing. Through visualization and hypnotherapy, Joy and I were able to work directly on my core issues, to clear out old pain and to bring in peace. I got to take recordings of the meditations with me to use again and again. Joy’s methods were so effective in helping me find what was blocking me from my true happiness, and I was able to make the changes I needed….It is not just Joy’s methods that are outstanding. She is very spiritually conscious and connected, and I felt safe and cared for in her presence.

Jennifer C.