At one time in my life I was going through a really difficult time. Then I realized that it was my toxic attitude that was polluting everything I touched. If I wanted a better life, I knew I had to change my attitude. And I did!

Synchronistically, once I changed my attitude my whole life took a turn for the better. I created a new reality for myself just by changing my thoughts. And you can do that too!

We humans are only using about 10% of our cranial capacity. What’s the rest of our brain doing? It’s believed that the remaining 90% of our brain contains our telepathic and even our latent psychic abilities. If you are a cynic, just know that “magic is only science that we don’t understand yet.” A hundred years ago talking on a little hand-held box to someone thousands of miles away would have appeared “magical.” Today it’s commonplace.

In addition, some people are born with psychic abilities. Edgar Casey is just one well publicized case. Scientists are trying to explain how psychic abilities work. But just because we can’t scientifically explain something doesn’t make it untrue.

I assert, therefore, that most humans have some form of telepathic or psychic abilities. Haven’t you been thinking of something and your partner verbalized what you were thinking? Or have you ever had a gut feeling that something was wrong, but ignored your hunch only to have something unpleasant happen? This has happened to most of us. These are our undeveloped telepathic or psychic abilities in action. We all have them; most of us just haven’t developed them.

When we have negative or depressive thoughts, not only is our body language expressing what’s going on inside, but the energy we radiate from our body is also full of electromagnetic energy. It’s part of our telepathic abilities. This can influence our reality by attracting more unpleasant experiences to us, while repelling positive ones. Have you noticed that when you’re in a bad mood, that the mood seems to linger; things just don’t go well all day?

On the converse, have you woken up in a great mood and find that the whole day goes smoothly with things easily falling into place? This energy is even contagious. When you encounter someone in a good mood, or bad mood, their energy can “rub off on you”.

A similar thing happens with worry.  The more you worry, the more you can influence the very things you are worrying about to manifest. Even if the worst doesn’t happen, you’ve spent all that valuable time worrying and fretting when you could have put your time and energy into creating something of value. You deflate the possibility of good things happening even before they have a chance to manifest. However, when you stay positive your mind is more resilient and open to possibilities. You’re able to engage in more creative and problem-solving activities than when steeped in worry.

Have you noticed that during a crisis that some people collapse emotionally and physically, while others move into action to help those in need? Many people with nagging depressive thoughts and worry are already feeling hopeless. They are at capacity. Just one more thing can push them over the edge. Others, who have a more positive solution-oriented attitude, are often more resilient and can galvanize into action. They are able to affect their reality in positive ways, even when the worst happens. Your attitude and thoughts can influence your reality

You can be a Creator or a Deflator. Who do you want to be?


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