Inanna (Celebrate the Divine Feminine: Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom) Kindle Edition



Inanna, Sumerian Goddess and Queen of Heaven and Earth, was the Goddess of Love, Fertility, the Crops, Sexuality, War, and the Weather. Her myth, the Descent of Inanna, is about 4300 years old, if not older. Yet it is still relevant today. How many of us have experienced our own hell, journeyed deep into the underworld of our own mind, as we struggled with a crisis. This possibly might have been the death of a loved one, a serious illness, a divorce, a job loss, or an addiction that dragged us deep into the realm of pain, regret, disappointment, obsession and/or impotency. When we reach that place of despair during which we are hanging on the “meat hook”, we are all stripped bare. This is when we must look deep within to find our resources and strengths. In AA they refer to it as hitting bottom, that point in a person’s life when everything has gotten as bad as it can get and the only remaining choice is to check out, or begin that long arduous journey back to reclaiming their life.

But Inanna is about more than descent and rebirth. She also teaches us to savor every moment as a love goddess and holder of ancient knowledge.

During the guided visualization near the end of this book, you will journey past the seven gates of the underworld and have an opportunity to confront and overcome some of the self-imposed limitations and fears that have kept you from moving forward in your life.