• Broken hearts
  • Separation and divorce
  • Co-dependency
  • Finding love relationships
  • Grief and loss

Life Coaching with Hypnotherapy Can Help With Your Relationship Challenges

Our need to connect, to feel loved, appreciated and respected are basic. Yet many of us feel alone and troubled, even when we are in relationships. We may feel rejected, disappointed, or misunderstood. Or we may feel intimidated and manipulated, but are too scared or insecure to stand up for ourselves  or leave.

Some of us have co-dependent tendencies and feel a need to control others, or control a situation, or to keep others happy, or cater to the moods of our loved ones. Sometimes we spend a lot of time caretaking the needs of others while neglecting our own needs only to end up depleted and burnt out.

Sometimes we don’t know how, or don’t feel we have the right, to express our needs, or negotiate for our rights, or how to fight fair.

At other time things may be good and everyone is happy, or at least content. Then out of the blue there is a tendency to pick a fight and sabotage a relationship.

When relationships end, sometimes it is hard to let go and move on. The thought of being alone can fill us with a sense of panic. We become obsessed and our thoughts are haunted with thoughts of our ex-partner.

If you are struggling with your relationships, then transformational coaching with hypnotherapy is an alternative solution that provides tools and techniques that can help. While working together you will learn how to communicate more effectively, how to have disagreements without disastrous fights, and how to engage with your loved ones in healthier ways without becoming depleted. When it is time to end a relationship, you will receive help to make decisions with clarity, find support and guidance on how to release the emotional bonds, heal the wounds, and discover the tools, inner resources, and confidence to move on.

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