• Discovering your life’s purpose
  • Shadow work (victim, saboteur)
  • Sub-personality (warrior, rebel, damsel in distress)
  • Higher self/wisdom self
  • Inner guides
  • Spirit guides
  • Past life regression
  • Receive Support on Your Journey of Spiritual Growth and Self Discovery

Many have a desire to know more – to know just what is the purpose of their life. Why am I here on this planet? Why do I eat, play, cry, befriend, struggle, love, and then die? What is the meaning of my life? Do I have a purpose?

Journey into the shadow lands
Sometimes this journey takes us into the shadowland where we face those traits that limit our success or keep us stuck, such as the victim or the saboteur. Often we enlist the wisdom and guidance of our Higher Self or Wisdom Self, or our Spirit Guides as we journey the path to greater self-awareness.

Frequently we visit the memories of childhood as we learn to console the most vulnerable parts of ourselves and reframe some of our oldest and outdated beliefs. And, sometimes, we travel into past lives as we try to unravel some of the mysteries of why we are like we are.

Holding a safe space for the deeper work
My training in two different schools of hypnotherapy, my masters in Women’s Spirituality and my training in Spiritual Psychology, Lightbody, Reiki and the Kabbalah, as well as my own quest for knowledge and understanding, has enabled me to hold space for others while facilitating their journey as they try to understand the purpose of their lives and become more self-aware.