On a Personal Note

About 8 years ago I was gifted with a painting class. My Mom loved to paint and spent her retirement adorning her walls, and those of her kids and grandkids, with her paintings.

I inherited my mother’s creative side and many years ago I took art classes. Then for years as I was trying to grow my hypnotherapy and coaching practice I didn’t allow myself that artistic outlet. Amazingly my talents, though rusty, were re-awakened 8 years ago. I hadn’t lost the artistic touch after all! I painted for a couple of years and then took another pause until about 2 years ago. Fortunately I’m back to painting again and now even have my own personal art studio in my new home. I now have wall space to hang all my pictures and can even invite my dear friend, Andrea, over to paint with me. I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me to give myself permission to create space to paint.

(If curious you may view my recent paintings at the end of this article.)

Unleash the Authentic YOU!

Most of us feel uncomfortable thinking of ourselves as creative, as potential artists in our own right, but we are.  We think artists write novels, paint pictures, choreograph ballets, act on Broadway, or shoot feature films.  Each of us, however, is an artist.  An artist is merely someone with good listening skills who accesses the creative energy of the Universe to bring forth something on the material plane that wasn’t here before. This “something” was a part of Spirit before it was manifested as a book, a painting, a ballet or a film.

The same is true with creating an authentic life.  With every choice you make every day of your life, you are creating a unique work of art.  This is something that only you can do – something that has the potential to be beautiful and ephemeral.  The reason you incarnated on the earth plane was to leave your own personal indelible mark on the world.  This is your authenticity.

Today, accept that you are creating a work of art in your life by making choices, both the big ones and little ones.  If you notice you tend to play it safe and avoid taking risks, then, for a change, try something new and different.  Why not order an espresso at lunch, if you’ve never tried one?  Or why not sign up for that belly dancing or kick boxing class that you have always wanted to take?  Or if you have always wanted to ride in a helicopter, or walk the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral, or spend a week in Bali, then why not set a date and do it?!

Or maybe you want to try something less daring, so why not stick a small bottle of balsamic vinegar in the shopping cart to drizzle over melon?  Or you can switch the dial on the radio station and listen to Country and Western instead of Rock, or Rap, or Easy Listening as you drive home? Or better yet, turn off the radio and listen to your own thoughts. You might be surprised by what you hear!

Each time you experience the new, you become receptive to inspiration.  Each time you try something different, you let the Universe know you are listening.  Trust your instincts.  Believe your yearnings are blessings.  Respect your creative urges.  If you are willing to step out in faith and leap into the unknown, you will discover that your choices are as authentic as you are. What is more, you will discover that your life has a much greater capacity for happiness, fulfillment, and endless surprises than you ever dreamed possible.

If you find that you lack the courage or motivation to follow your dreams, then consider scheduling a complementary 20-minute phone consultation to see if transformative life coaching with hypnotherapy can propel you down the path to fulfillment. Email Joy Reichard or you can go to her scheduling page to schedule a consultation TODAY!