Pele: Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano (Celebrate the Divine Feminine) Kindle Edition



From the ancient Greeks to Jung, people have worked with archetypes to transform themselves, access inner wisdom, and expand their vision of the world. Celebrate the Divine Feminine – Pele: Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano provides information and techniques for connecting with the Goddess Pele. Divine Feminine Deity archetypes offer powerful insights into what it means to be a woman in full possession of her strength, beauty and sensuality. Access the ancient wisdom of this goddess, and uncover tools for personal growth and transformation.

As a Transformational Life Coach, Certified Clinical Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor and with a Master’s in Women’s Spirituality, Joy Reichard empowers her clients through coaching, hypnotherapy, spiritual guidance and Reiki at her office in San Mateo, CA. Joy is also the creator of “In Her Name” Circles which celebrate the many manifestations of the Divine Feminine through monthly women gatherings in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2014 “Joy launched Persephone’s Journey, A Wisdom School for Awakening Women.” To attend one of Joy’s classes visit