Ma’at, The Egyptian creation goddess, was the embodiment of the principles of truth, order, balance, laws, and justice. When these principles were introduced to humankind, human consciousness was elevated. Humanity, the earth, and the cosmos, according to Egyptian mythology, were raised out of chaos.
When humans are greedy, self-righteous, intolerant, and judgmental what follows is a lack of cooperation, of the inability to find common ground, of the adherence to “I’m right” and “I will demean you, threaten you, defame you, and even destroy your property if you deviate from my beliefs”.
Sadly, we are currently witnessing this behavior on both sides of the political and cultural divide. We are being pushed further and further into social polarization, division, and separation. Right now, I fear we are in the midst of a political civil war. Order, justice, truth, and balance are disintegrating.
Today is the Solstice. This is the time of the Crone of Winter, the Mother of Wisdom. She is the embodiment of reflection, the shadow realm, the deep mysteries, wisdom, death, transformation, and change.
The Crone of Winter is a paradox. In the positive, she is our guide as we go inward to evaluate our behaviors and actions for the prior year, to dig deep into ourselves – the shadow realm – to discover who we are, to do our own deep work, and to find our truth. She guides us in releasing what is old to make room for the new. She holds the space for transformation and change.
On the other hand, she is also the embodiment of illness, loss, and death; of the dark, cold and barren times; and of Seasonal Affective Disorder (that makes us SAD and gloomy).
If we do our shadow work well by digging deep into the old behaviors and beliefs that are no longer helpful and may even be harmful to ourselves, our relationships, and even the world, then this can be a healing time. However, if we sink into the abyss of the shadow realm this can be a time of pain, struggle, and feelings of loss and limitations.
This year there have been more shadow work opportunities than ever. The underbelly of our society has been exposed raising the ugly faces of separation, polarization, chaos, violence, fear, and isolation. There are numerous, too many to count, theories, facts, and beliefs, much of them from opposing forces that have resulted in chaos, disorder, imbalance, and injustice – both within ourselves, in our communities, our country, and the world.
Hear me, I am not blaming one faction or another – both are guilty. Sadly, the news and media are no longer unbiased. Unfortunately, their content has become filled with negative labels, blatant inuendoes, and judgment.
This is a time when we need to draw on the wisdom of the Crone, of the Wise Mother of Us All, more than we ever have in the past.
Right now, we need these dark times. If you are in a shut-down – Good! It will give you the time to go inward to find your own inner truth, the truth that you can live by that will bring you greater peace and confidence. Truth that resides in fear and chaos is not Divine Truth.
We need the dark times now, the time for inner reflection. We can use this time to find our way back to the peace and unconditional love of the Great Mother who loves all her children, even the errant ones.
What I am trying to do for myself is to be in the truth that brings me peace; to find that central core of Neutrality. To be open to the belief that Truth – DIVINE TRUTH – will prevail. This is the only way I know for me to ride this wave of craziness and avoid the prevailing whirlwind of chaos, fear, separation, and polarization.
This neutrality, this anchoring into a sense of compassion and openness, and to the belief that light, love, and truth will prevail, can be found within by doing the deep work with the Crone of Winter – the Great Mother of Wisdom and of the deep Mysteries.
There is too much muddying of the emotional mass conscious right now to seek any kind of truth externally. The only way to find out way back to Ma’at – to our personal knowing of balance, truth, order, and equilibrium is through the deep inner work with the Crone of Winter.
This is not about holding onto what we think is right – this just fuels the massive collective storm of separation and polarization. When we hold space for the tolerance of differences, openness, and Divine Truth with love, then we increase the opportunity for more balance and order to flow.
We can’t fix the world right now. All we can do is maintain our own equilibrium – to hold space for balance, compassion, light, and truth for ourselves and in our own circle of influence. From this place, you can then send out into the world those frequencies that are so needed right now: peace, cooperation, order, compassion, and unity.
As Light Workers, this is our job right now. It is our challenge because to enter into the seductive mainstream matrix of polarization and separation we only create more disorder and chaos.
At this time, in our timeline, we need to hold onto compassion and openness, to stay in neutrality, and to pray for Divine Truth to prevail, and greater balance, order, justice, peace, and light.
Our guide and our support is the Crone of Wisdom, the Great Mother of Wisdom. She will help us find our way back to the principles of Ma’at.